Who is the man of the ancient architects

Who is the man of the ancient architects
Legacy of so many city States of Mesopotamia the temple Tower, known there are 30 or so. Built between 3000 BC to 500 BC. In the eyes of the people at that time, Temple Tower as Egypt‘s pyramids, spectacular, but most is just a pile of brokenbricks. One of the most famous aitemannanji Temple Tower, generally considered the Bible says the Tower of Babel, is irreducible.
This big building, is located in the NeoBabylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II (606 BCto 562 BC), the bustling capital of the banks of the Euphrates River in the city of Babylon, now only the outline of the large square base.
Crumbling towers of the temple itself, it is difficult to for research purposes. No other monument than it suffered more serious damage. Bricks are often stolen in the temple Tower building. Relics from wind and rain erosion, have turned to dust when at risk. Major cities of Mesopotamia, most have at least a temple Tower, dedicated to a clan gods Zhi. There is evidence, and at least 3 of the city Temple Tower. The city is located in Iraq North of the Tigris, is the old capital of the Assyrians. 614 BC, Southof Chaldeans who captured and destroyed it. Build your great temple towers, most still survive. Your first Sumerian city, then belonging to the Chaldean people. In nimuladequan near the city of Babylon and akaerkuifu not far from Baghdad, there are anumber of temple towers.
Temple Tower does not appear to be an architect original works, but rather a process of long-term evolution of Crystal. But we know very little about this evolution. Excavations conducted in card worth, to explore the origins of the temple Tower provided a clue. The site is located in Iraq near the southern desert, ancient Uruk, which isreferred to in Scripture. Capital of several dynasties in the Sumerian Kingdom.
There‘s a vast area, there are a number of such buildings for worship. A temple named Bai Miao because of walls coated with lime, is likely to be dedicated to the godsof ANU. ANU was the Supreme Master of the equivalent of Greece‘s Zeus. Bai Miaomade in about 3000 BC, built about 40 foot high platform. A small scale, it seems is not a place for believers to worship, but meet ANU Earth sanctuary. Archaeologistsbelieve the Uruk baimiao stronghold may be the prototype of the temple Tower, and later the stage, the more the higher.
Temple towers and buildings were made of brick in Mesopotamia. The area is rich inpalms, but poor Palm wood, not housing. In addition, in the vast alluvial plains of Mesopotamia, and no rock. Although some of the stones in the North, but poor quality, unserviceability.
Main temple towers built with rough Adobe. Adobe clay after the mixing chopped grass stalk mold molding, and placed in the Sun to dry. Structure is made of burnt bricks and coated with bitumen Grouting joint built. The 11th chapter of the Bible, Genesis, Babel Tower, referred to the process: they said one to another, come, and wewant to make bricks, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, andbitumen for mortar.
The Bible says rock paint, is in fact asphalt. This is from the Iran plateau type, materials commonly used in Mesopotamia. Not only as a construction adhesive, and alsoused as an outer coating. For example in vessels sailing on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, bituminous waterproof coatinggoldjewelrystores
Tigris and low-lying wetlands in the Euphrates River in a rich variety of aquatic plants. Some plants are also used as building material, usage is extraordinary. Before the14th century BC to the 13th century invasion of Kai Dorset people, found at akaerkuifu. Temple Tower every eight or nine layers of brick laid a layer of Reed, like the Romans in two layers of concrete laid a brick layer. The reeds are often woven rope setinto the middle of the wall, consolidation of joints.
Sumerians and their successors, are artists. Them to develop their potentials, and appearance of the Tower giant wall of the temple do not seem monotonous. They built a tall bridge, connecting various layers of oblique ladders, also buttresses decorated flat wall is divided into a few paragraphs.
United Kingdom famous archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley, who discover your Temple Tower during 1922-1934. He finds temple Tower of the main building slightlycurved lines, straight lines to avoid the weakness of Visual effects, and correct the Central illusion of bending. Greece people applied this principle in the ancient architecture, in particular the Athens Parthenon columns, the descendants of Greece who complimented her. Now we know that Mesopotamia than Greece who has skillfully used this principle as early as 2 00.
To add to the magnificent temple Tower, then people do try our best. On the external walls may be painted in brilliant colors. Woolley Sir, your lower floors of the Tower of the temple is painted black, upper floors is painted red, which might represent acontrast between darkness and light.
Iraq Ka huoshabade, near the ancient city of Nineveh in the North found the Assyrian Temple towers, see each layer in turn painted white, black, pink, blue, red, silver and golden color. Inlaid with engraved flowers on the walls, paintings and statues and other decoration. Shine of the temple on the top. The temple Tower is 722 BC to 705 BC during the reign of saergongershi built.
Left Nebuchadnezzar inscription claimed that he was in Babylon with bright blue glaze firing of bricks to build aitemannanji. Now most people think that‘s what the Bible says about building the Tower of Babel. The Assyrian Kings of Assyria Ba Niba (688 BC to 627 BC) also said that he destroy the temple Tower of Su Sacheng bright copper plate inlaid with horns on down down. Clearly that is framed in painted pottery tile top, on behalf of the City God of Zhi. Platforms may also be planted flowers and trees in each layer, like the hanging gardens of Babylon to the style.
Your city has for centuries was the capital of the Sumerian people. The temple Tower because of repair work to do well there, so save the most complete and the most spectacular. Your town is located in Iraq South, is mentioned in the Bible, Genesis ofChaldeans, your city, or Abraham‘s hometown. Sir Richard Woolley discovered manySumerian art treasures and sacrificial servants remains in the mausoleum.
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