The vivid prehistoric legend

The vivid prehistoric legend
Tracing to its source, in order to unlock the mystery of the lost city of Atlantis, must in Plato’s Atlantis that prehistoric legends of ancient looking for a little bit of clues. Historians and archaeologists are invariably want to repeat this dull as ditch water. Although the legend is wonderful, it is legendary, but their work and either pregnant a curious psychological to read, for them, the fantastic story already thoroughly cooked in the chest. They try to discover the hints or metaphors that no one has ever found in every detail.
Now, we can see that across time and space, the legend of the thrilling scene.
3500 years ago, that is, the Aegean Sea is lazy and tired of the long summer will be gone. One evening, sunsets, lays out a nearly circular outline of the island. Dark red island, standing on the pale purple sea. The beauty of its scenery, even in all the beautiful Aegean Sea, the famous island, it will feel that it is particularly eye-catching. The swallow hurriedly flew in the air, the body covered with the afterglow of sunset. The branches and leaves of the olive tree swaying in the breeze. A day of busy in the past, the island’s port quiet down. The fisherman took the silver fish ashore home. The narrow streets were slowly up, laughing and talking. The woman sitting in front of the cabin is full of chat, gossip gossip. Those small factories in the town, came the potter turntable rotating acoustic light. The orchard and vineyard workers, after a day’s work in a leisurely manner towards his home to go. The shadow is more and more long, the dusk is more and more deep. A choking strange heat enveloped the island. The sea turned into lead gray. In the depths of the ground came the sound of a stuffy ring, at the beginning of the intermittent, and later on the ring non-stop. The people on the island were in panic. They knew that the 5000 – foot high volcano was the master of their fate, and it was about to break out. Volcano God has been awake from sleep.
These people fled away, in a hurry to catch some valuables away. Where they know that their island, along with the island’s civilization, is about to be destroyed. From the point of view of the evidence gathered by the later scientists and the earthquake scientists, the eruption is indeed the most violent one in the world.
The incident first appeared a choking smoke, followed by a series of explosions. Every time after the explosion, the volcano spewed hot pumice like raindrops sprinkle down, volcano ash followed overwhelming. When the worst of the disaster came, the great internal pressure forced the volcano to explode. Bang resounded over the Mediterranean, is just like the end of the world. Most of the island are blown into ashes.
After spewed millions of tons of magma, has been inside the empty volcano has been silent, but this is just a temporary stop. Soon, the internal loss of support from the volcano collapse, forming a steep edge of the volcano, the circumference is 37 kilometers. By the time a lot of sea water poured into the crater, the more terrible disaster — the tsunami came. By earthquake or volcano eruptions caused by the tsunami, is probably the most formidable force of nature. Waves of up to 650 feet from the island to the from all sides rushed violently rattling around the coast. Power of the giant, it is unprecedented.
This is today’s scientists according to Plato’s dialogues depicting to reconstruct the Atlantis after destroyed 3500 years ago. According to their estimates, the destructive power of the explosion, equivalent to the United States in Hiroshima, Japan dropped the atomic bomb explosion equivalent of 1000 – 500 times.
Afterwards, volcanic ash falling from the sky to the Aegean Sea area even if the day is a ghastly dark, which lasted for a few weeks long, like spent a long night.
Continuing volcanic ash fall, years of accumulated into a layer of ash is now called “volcanic ash layers, up to more than 200 feet thick, remaining in the aftermath of land on. The ancient Greeks called the “chalice to”.
Today’s scientists believe, from the Greek philosopher Plato era until today, not baffled how many historians and geographers “Atlantis” mystery, as long as know Callis to what had happened, you should can solve.
Platon is one of the founder of western humanism, is the direct source of the Atlantis legend. Platon’s account of the continent, which was sunk into the sea, has still aroused great interest in modern people.

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