The Roman Empire

Despite the large amount of personal power has very large, to avoid a repeat, Octavian in the centralization process very carefully. He respected Republican, he never Kings or dictators, while the Senate to claim. Chief elder His Republic‘s original tilebeing elected as Consul, Tribune for life, and the supervisory authorities. While theSenate also conferred on him the right to the Governor of several provinces, these provinces mostly in the border areas, is the main garrison of the Empire, therefore,Octavius actually mastered the Empire‘s military. After. Long positions can get highpriest, a religious leader. He also began to be deified. In 27 BC, Octavian was granted. Augustus. Of the title, is a solemn, sacred. Meaning. Since then, changed the name to Octavian Augustus in the history. Through these arrangements, the Principatewas established in Rome. Heads of State still nominally veterans, citizens, but in terms of real power, above the above the Senate and all the citizens, and practical control of all the provinces, that ruled the Empire. Therefore, the Principate was a covert imperial. However, heads of State and monarchs of the East also has important heads of State there is no deification as emperor, in addition, the heads of State arenot hereditary. In terms of conquest, around Augustus realized could not be conquered by civilized countries, and therefore do not want massive territorial expansion, but in order to consolidate national defense, he wants to expand the boundaries of mountain crash, as Rome‘s natural boundaries. In the East, Roman diplomatic rapprochement with the Parthian, the Euphrates for the border. In the West
Parties, Roman rule had been extended to the Rhine, North of the Elbe, but due to the oppressive rule of the new Governor Varus, local tribal rebellion, and in the battle of Fort hold, eliminated the three legions Varus, a total of more than 20,000 people, Varus committed suicide. Thus, Rome had to put borders on the Rhine, the Danube became the natural boundaries of the Roman.
Augustus died in ad 14, 4 after heads of State respectively, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero. Since 5 Prime is Ian Julier and Claudius had two members of the clan,people refer to this period as bang Di Wangchao ° Giuria grams. Period. During thisperiod, further development of bureaucracy, the Palace is filled with intrigue and violence, in particular dynasty was the last head of Nero, in the name of uncontrolled lusts down in history. He killed mother and murderous excesses. 64, fire in the city of Rome, without even 6 days. Nero is said to have had floor view of the fire, chanting the Psalms of the destruction of Troy. Nero reset disregard the feelings of people,received the title of Baal, and carved its crowned head on the coin, Yun to the city changed its name to the city of Rome. Finally raises against Nero‘s atrocities, one after another after the uprising in the province, guards also rebelled against Nero, after he was forced to abdicate in the suburbs of Rome, committed suicide.
After the zhuliyayikelaodi dynasty, heads for the army of Rome or the Senate acclaimed or elected. Nearly 200 years after Augustus, 1th century AD ~ 2nd century AD,as heads of State, as the Center is full of conspiracy violence of the ruling, but fromthe social point of view, Rome has entered a golden age of relative peace and stability, economic prosperity in history. The Roman peace. Period.
Roman Asia and Europe for the first time such a large area of land a long-term, stability and unity in the ~ in the Empire, contributed greatly to the prosperity of the trade. From. All roads lead to Rome. Adage developed Empire can be seen in traffic. Also at this time, exchanges between East and West reached a climax, many Romanssail India to buy spices and handicrafts, Rome businessman along the Eurasia travelto China, opening the famous
The Silk Road.
This time, the slaves get the general sympathy of the citizens, their social status and economic level has been greatly improved. General improvement in the living conditions of the slaves captured by the slave, and some Roman philosophers base to make it clear that slavery is against nature, and inherent in human nature and humanfreedom are incompatible, slaves are people too. In addition, the Romans also developed a number of laws restricting abuse of slaves, to the owner of breaking, slaveshave sued the owner‘s legal rights. Freed slaves in society more and more, and thatthe released slaves become
A special stratum of society. The release slaves and their descendants engaged in handicraft or commercial, as have strong skills and work experience, often very wealthy, many base to become a Knight or a veteran.
From 192 ad, Anthony dynasty‘s last Emperor Commodus was killed and 284, Diocletian ad ascended the throne, around 100 years, Roman domestic political corruption, military failure, society had a serious crisis, known as the 3rd century crisis.
Empire suffered brutal persecution of Christians.
After Diocletian, the crisis eased. He follow the example of the East, to God and themonarchy itself, to absolute monarchy in place of the Principate. Given the Empire was too big, his empire is divided into two parts. Appointment of a monarch to rule the Western, ruled by his Eastern region. They are each elected for himself a bit. Under Emperor. , Which was unprecedented. Four Royal rule. Situation. Diocletian‘s successor was King
Shitanding. He converted to Christianity, established in Constantinople, which became the capital of the Roman Empire. Constantine reigned for 31 years, he carried out a series of reforms such as the abolition of the province‘s system of the Chief Executive who is also the military Chief, since military and administrative, judicial, economic, complete separation of $ reform monetary system, provides the highest price of the goods. But reform does not stop the decline of the Empire, in 395, the Roman Empire formally split into two parts, with its capital in Constantinople and Rome respectively. In 410, the Goths sacked Rome, referred to. The eternal city.
Rome was for the first time, the invasion. In 455, and fly the Vandals sacked Rome
The city, the city was destroyed a big old mess. Gong Wu 476, Luo Muluosi·aogusi,the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire was deposed, fall of the Western Roman Empire red. The Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) persisted until 1453, but its main forces in Asia minor. The Roman Empire at the end of the history ofEurope.
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