Recorded in the Bible, Jericho

Recorded in the Bible, Jericho


Into the dead sea in Jordan River about 15 km northwest of the suburb of Eli in thePalestinian territories, a city about 250 metres below sea level, the city is located between Jerusalem and Amman, the Jordan River Valley in the Central, which is renowned in the world of the ancient city of Jericho.


Jericho was meant to city of the Moon and spice. It is located in the subtropical zone, the climate is dry, very little rain, due to the nearby springs of the Sudan andErnest Li Xiaquan moisture, forming a fertile OASIS, which attract group after group of people to live and work in peace and flourish.


According to the old testament of the Bible, Kings records: Jericho once water is notclear, not fat. After the Prophet Elisha heard, asked residents to take out a bowl, filled with salt in it, and then he is going to a bowl full of salt into the well, from now on, Jericho has clear water and fertilizer. Some people feel that if Egypt was given by the Nile, so Jericho is benefiting from the gift of spring. In history, the Palm here isthick, so it is also Palm city said.


About Jericho, according to the Bible, as far back as Joshua succeeded Moses as Israel‘s leader, led the Israel people prior to the capture and destruction of Jericho, Jericho, which has existed for many centuries, and has always been a Megatron Canaan(now Palestinian) cities, many invaders of the East bastion before it, truthless, failed!


The old testament of the Bible, Joshua vividly describes Joshua led the Israel peopletaking Jericho in the process. It contains, Joshua led Israel from Egypt travel journeyto Jordan when the East Bank, set up camp at shittim. They lifted up their eyes and looked, saw vast palm groves across the River, stands a Fort and Tower of Jericho, awe-inspiring and inviolable. Joshua see Jericho impenetrable, dare not rashly invade.In order to find out the Jericho troops and military installations, he sent two Israel soldiers, disguised themselves as Canaanites, infiltrates the city gather intelligence about the enemy. Complete the task this evening when the two spies back to camp, and found the gates closed, their accommodations at a hotel near the city walls. Thatthe mistress of the Inn was a prostitute named Rahab and her cute, identified the two people are Israel spies. Still, she is the warm reception the two uninvited guests. But unfortunately, two of Israel‘s whereabouts by one of Jericho were spies saw, he immediately reports the King of Jericho, Jericho, after hearing the report, immediately sent troops to arrest people. Hid the two spies, Rahab the prostitute in the stalks of the roof, cover up, escaped the RAID. Sincerely thank the two spies Rahab‘s saving,and swore, after the fall of Jericho, guarantee the life of Rahab and his parents, brother and sister. Rahab‘s House next to the wall, Rahab helping the spies down a ropedown the wall, and escaped from the city of Jericho.


Safely back to camp after two spies, reporting to Joshua the understanding of the situation. That night, Joshua led all Israel soldiers and civilians, the Lord God God by foot is not cloudy and wet through the waves of the Jordan River, almost under Jericho, Jericho surrounded it.


Joshua‘s siege tactics novelty. Every day Israel people out of the camp, outside the range of bows and arrows, stone ejection, around Jericho to walk around and do that6 days in a row. Trapped in the city who climbed the walls of Jericho, horrified to watch Israel‘s March, due to the puzzling mystery, with growing fear, fear disaster. Since the city of Jericho has been completed, no invaders so mysterious.

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On the 7th day, Joshua decided to mount an attack on Jericho. The morning, he stillled the army camp, but this time Israel people around the city by 7 times, 6 day 6 laps before them, without so much as a whimper. But when its 7th circle, suddenly theHorn rings, Israel people hear the trumpets, shout in unison, shake the Earth, a shout, walls then collapse, Israel people piled on, into the city, see people killed. Except Rahab the prostitute outside a home, every man, woman, and child, including livestock, and kill some more. Finally, Israel people looted gold and silver properties in the city and set fire to houses and other buildings, mighty Jericho into ashes.
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