Political reform in Athens


Political reform in AthensPolitical reform in Athens
As the two largest city in Greece, the city of the city because of excessive emphasis on the development of force and neglect other aspects of the construction. And the formation of the sharp contrast is Athens, in the 7th century BC before the 6th century nearly a hundred years, the Attica peninsula city in a series of political reform, economic and cultural rapid development.
Athens in the early implementation of aristocracy, where Solon to era, Athens appeared a large number of civilian origin, engaged in industrial and trade by the rich slave owners, class contradictions began to appear. By the beginning of the sixth Century BC, the class relationship in Athens had been very tense, and the lower the debt burden of the lower civilians and the beginning of the riots. In this case, the emergence of Solon’s reform.
Solon was born in a noble family, was an early trading, and businessmen with excursion overseas, so on both sides have a deep understanding in political stance. The tendency emerging civilian slave owners. He was elected to the chief executive in 594 BC, in Athens, the constitutional reform, he will be the abolition of the debt, and will never cancel the debt slavery, he also in accordance with the number of property will be divided into four levels, and as a basis for the number of political power zero, he restricted the power of the nobility, and enhance the role of the general assembly. Solon, these reform measures of democracy in Athens for the future further development laid the foundation.
560 BC. Peisistratus force to seize the Athenian regime, further reform on the basis of Solon’s reform. He is committed to improving the political status of the farmers, wells in the economy and tax on them to support. Under his gentle rule, Athens had a golden age of politics.
About in 508 BC, Kelisitini master regime in Athens, in two times before the reform based on the third democratic reform and made great achievements. By the 500 B. C., Athens’ s democratic politics had made great achievements and Athens was the most prosperous city in the Greek world.

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