One of the early 20th century excavations

One of the early 20th century excavations
In 1902, the American xiaoduoer·daiweisi got Egypt Government approval, in the Valley of the Kings archaeological excavations. He digs up to 12 consecutive winter there. Davis found very valuable tombs, such as tuomisisishi, xiputahe and the tomb ofHuo Lun Hai and others. He also found the famous Pagan Kings tombs of amenghuotepusishi, amenghuotepusishi was promoted thanks to teach, to replace Egypt‘s traditional religion, and was thus named the swallow aihena. Amenhetep mingchuihoushi two things: first, he praised his saying: like the Sun God; is his wife nafeier the way beautiful and colorful bust, this is Egypt one of the most famous sculptures.
The first year of the first world war, Lord Davies Cana excavation rights to the Honourable Frederick FUNG and Howard Carter, since then began the Egypt discoveringone of the most important stages in the history of archaeology. Lord von‘s sister later Khanna said in the biography written for brother, the excavation work like Aladdin‘s magic lamp began, Greece naimixisi family history ended.
Discovery of Tut’s tomb is the archaeological work in the pinnacle of success, but also a major turning point in the history of archaeological. From wenkeerman onwards,many taxonomists, scientists and experts have been determined for archaeological First archaeological Giants was Champollion, geluotefende and Richard Rawlinson. Extending the archaeologists have made a significant contribution to research in Egypt of Mariette, a, Loi Lepsius and Petrie, study Botha and Lei Yade in Mesopotamia, and the Yucatan Peninsula of Stephens and Thompson. Later Schliemann excavated Troy, Evans excavated Knossos, Wooley and Robert koldewey excavatedBabylon and home of Abraham your, which is the climax of the archaeological activity successful. A famous amateur archaeologist Schliemann is one of the last. WhenCana von Lord Carter began active, has a large number of experts at Knossos, Babylon, and other sites for research for a long time. Governments in many countries throughout the world, the King, the chaebol, financially strong universities and archaeological authorities, as well as many wealthy private archaeologist, archaeological teams have been deployed to bring excellent research equipment to the seat of the ancient culture. But all of this research work is scattered, sporadic, all of which are, andthe discovery of Tut’s tomb is a result of this comprehensive. It was a triumph of thescientific method.
Lei Yade had been stymied by superstitious ignorance, Evans‘s difficulties stem frombureaucratic jealousy and Cana von and Carter in Egypt under the full support of the Government to completely avoid these distractions. When Richard Rawlinson has been insult Schliemann tasted hardship, are due to the envy of peers; none now exist, some international cooperation and enthusiastic support of the scientific community. This archaeological stage came to an end. Howard Carter is Petrie‘s students, of course, impossible to completely break away from the traditional. Under his influence, however, Egypt ended the old rambling way, blind, adventure activitieswork, truly progressive cultural research activities under the strict methodology.(Article source
However, because Carter is not only always passionate, and mind the overall situation, to make rigorous scientific method to fully play its role. Are his courage, pluck, patience is responsible on one hand work, and finally become the outstanding figuresin the history of archaeology. Excellent scholars dedicated to unlock cultural mysteries, Carter is such a person.
Lord kanafeng is the only United Kingdom can produce characters, he is fond of sports and collect artifacts, is a gentleman and travel around the world travel, action is arealist, but with romantic sentiment. During his 31 College of Cambridge, dorm room wainscoting was painted out of shape, it at their own expense to repair and restore it. From his youth he often takes part in the race, acquired a good marksmanshipand is famous for its Yachting. At the age of 23 he had inherited a rich legacy, thencruise around the world. His car is the United Kingdom national third licensed cars,and he was particularly likes to drive fast. Then the fast hobby gave him a decisive turning point in the lives. Around 1900 he galloped overturned on the road, was seriously injured, from the fall of breathing difficulties, in the United Kingdom for winter. In 1903, he first went to Egypt to find pleasant places. To Egypt after he visited several excavations of the archaeological team. Immediately when he found thearchaeological is a heritage he collected hobbies and combining the love of sportsactivities. In 1906, he embarked on their own work. The winter of the same year, he found that his lack of knowledge in this area, go to ask Professor masipiluo. Masipiluo featured young archaeology of Howard Carter as his assistant.
The cooperation of two people very well, Qana by Lord von lack of knowledge can be replenished from Carter. Carter was a profound scholar and later as Cana von‘s Director of archaeological finds. Before that, Carter has worked with Davis and Petrie. He attached great importance to speak on just grounds, so some people have criticized his work, saying he is too pedantic. He does things is there is a way. He is bold and sometimes reckless. Took place in 1916 one thing reflects his personality.
Carter in Luxor a short vacation that year, one day, leading figure in the village cameto him, looking very anxious, specifically to ask for his help. Even though places likeLuxor also suffer the effects of world war I, a significant reduction in the number ofgovernment agencies and police and abodeaierlasuer were descendants of a class of criminals began robbing activities.
Egypt Tomb Raiders of a unit in the South-western slopes of beyond the Valley of the Kings have discovered a number of Antiquities. After gang learned that another unit, was forced to intervene by force, and to share the results. What happened nextwas like a movie.
Two thieves after the fights, first defeated, was forced to withdraw from the scene, but bloody fight could still happen. Carter decided to intervene.
It was late that day, he later wrote, I quickly found some workers, they are evading military service. We are going to need something, set out to the site. We climb upto 1 800 feet Ke Erna peak, arrived on the scene it was midnight. Upon arrival, the wizard showed me a straight down the cliff and hanging ropes, you can hear someone here really activities. I first cut off the rope, and cut off their retreat, and then tookus to a stout rope tied, I follow this rope down to ya di. I think night climb the ropedown to a group of grave robbers to stout, is indeed an interesting game. Total of8, was there, and I came they got very embarrassed. I pointed out that two things that allow them to choose, or along my rope to get out, or stay put and won’t go outbecause they have no rope. Finally they wake up and walk away, and I spent the night over there … … “
Howard Carter and Lord kanafeng set out to make the excavation until the autumnof 1917, their activities are assured of success, yet is often encountered in the archaeological activity happens. A began they selected has Emperor Valley in a small block area prepared for excavations, this block place selected on has, should said is luck good; however excavations engineering immediately by objective factors of hinder–many people on work plans judge, they himself and lack decisive and confidence, more important of is some experts also Bork to mess advice, results is was can success of thing is was postponed even attributed to failed.
Here you can also mention one of the things that has happened before. On April 6, 1748, a Neapolitan named kawaliye·aerkubier archaeological excavation site happens to be right in the middle of Pompeii. Unfortunately, he was anxious at the same time excavating other sites, the results didn’t go dig deep quickly covered up. And over the years he came to realize that, the first is the right place to dig.
Cana von and Carter stood on the hill overlooking the Valley of the Kings. Dozens ofpeople have dug up in there before, but those who did not leave a detailed map oreven a paper sketch to developers as a reference for later. RI are dug out of a heapof rubble everywhere, the whole bottom looks a little like the surface of the moon. Between the stones is the entrance of a tomb, and so it would have been discoveredbefore burial. Now the only way is to systematically explore the full range of. Carterrecommended the area for Ramses II’s Tomb, meimeibotahe tomb and the tomb ofRamses VI, Triangle area between the three points. He said: I am prepared to say, our purpose is clear, is to find King Tut‘s Tomb, but maybe some people will say this is what I looking for excuses.
In exactly 100 years before this, Belzoni excavated Latin America xisiyishi, SETI I, andthe tomb of Lord mentuhaikepeishi. He later wrote: I recently discovered monuments, I am fully certain, barring has been proven, Biban·aierMu Luke had no other tombs in the Valley. Before I leave has tried to find a tomb, but never found. Another study unrelated to the matter and I can prove it after I left, United Kingdom consularSalter lived there for 4 months, he and I are really trying to find a tomb, but by the same token None the wiser. Belzoni leaves 27 years later, in 1844, the famous archaeological team came to the Valley of the Kings of Prussia, carefully measure the areaof the entire Tomb. Team left, Captain Rai Lepsius made a similar comment, think of the monuments have developed them, then find something new. However, the endof 19th century, Villa Margaux opera still found a few tombs, not long after, Davis also have been found at several places. This should seem to think, the Valley of the Kings in the sand grains turned, screen. Egypt Antiquities Director, Lord von masipiluosign Cana development files Frank description of the Valley of the Kings, he considered the grave had been found clean, now go study is a waste of time. As an expert,he certainly could not dig out anything in the Valley of the Kings.
Carter after hearing that many negative statement, we still think that is possible to find Tomb, mausoleum and know who and what is its basis?
He personally observed the xiaoduoer·daiweisi discovery of Antiquities, including a color glazed pottery Cup, cast of Tut’s words above. This pottery mug is from a rock found Davis, Davis found a small Tomb in the same location. Was found in the tombof a broken wooden box, with a goldleaf, also with Tutankhamun‘s name. Davis immediately identified the small stone tomb is the tomb of Tutankhamun, in fact, this is wrong, Carter‘s idea is different, Davis, another major cultural relics are identified correctly confirmed after Carter‘s views. That is something that looks less valuable fragments of pottery and several rolls of linen, in a big bottle, bottle, bottle shoulder casting hieroglyphics. Later research by the Metropolitan Museum of art, believes that these bottles and bottles of what is likely to be the sacrificial lambs in the tomb ofTutankhamun. In addition, the later Davis in the pagan King aihena swallow a fewclay found in the tomb of Tutankhamun‘s seal.
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