Native American legend of dubious origin in God

Native American legend of dubious origin in God
This 100 years from 1450-1550 called new age, is worthy of the namethe new land‘s wishes until then for a long time for the discovery of the new world and fulfilled,but finds excitement brought to the Americas, bury the deeds of early seafarers. Now archaeologists continue to explore the evidence to prove that old had been sailing to the new world. May also find out more information.
It has been speculated that Indian ancestors back more than 40,000 years ago, he arrived in America from Asia via the Bering Land Bridge. Bridge later disappeared has, but assumes that only they is in Columbus yiqian arrived America of people, so immediately on will produced a problem: this batch first arrived North America of residents why has been stay in original state, and more South of Mexico people, and youkatanren and the Peru people is has Organization has complex of social, has superb of technology knowledge, than famous of Aztec people and the Inca people of civilization also to early several century does? Only assumes that the Indians had alreadybefore the arrival of Columbus by sea had direct contact with other cultures, these cultures into the Indian culture, but not in North America that same effect, a lot of things only makes sense.
In previous society of the Aztecs and Incas, Zhi legend unfamiliar visitors from afar as God is quite common. In the original in the eyes of the Indians, and skill into the distance are seen as bringing civilization Shen Zhi, which is no doubt. But they do notknow where it comes from God who? Many people have probably. Perhaps the Phoenicians or Norsemen, or even Chinese. Chinese legend, the East China SeaFusang ancient Mexico are very similar.
View Phoenician navigators who were the first to discover America, first give an undeniable facts say, is the best of the ancient Phoenician seafarers. Herodotus tells us that around 600 BC, Egypt Pharaoh neco delegated the tyre was the two valiant sailor sailing around Africa. Phoenicians were the Canaanites Bible said, they are clearly the best candidate, will rise. They are ocean-going merchant and Explorer of ancient,copper, with silver and gold, Cyprus Africa India ivory and Spain key commodities for trading of Tin, iron, lead, established a trade network throughout the far.
Phoenicians received delegates of the Pharaoh, driving down the Red Sea. Come back after 3 years, claimed to sail round the both (Africa), the Sun on their right. Herodotus said with scorn: some may believe that, but I don’t believe it. Is this sentence makes scholars believe that Phoenicians did sail round Africa, because that is what they have to the South crossed the Tropic of evidence. Where the sun goes to cross the northern sky, located in the West right of the vessel.
The Phoenicians of Carthage also has a 3tier paddle warships sailing in the Atlantic,and from the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands Sea area, who may have beenas far as the Azores, because when someone claims to have found in the Azores, a group of 18th century Carthaginian coins.
It is said that Nico‘s expedition was one of the first Europeans in South America coast, reportedly 1872 also cited Brazil a farm found a piece of stone carved with unknown text as evidence. This facsimile was sent to ladisilao·neituo, the Director of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro and identification of. He inferred as Phoenicia andtranslated. Many European scholars scoff at, but in 1968 the United States support sailesi·gedeng Neto at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, that unknown to 19th century scholars of ancient Carthage, textual nuance, sufficient proof of the lettering.
Translation is as follows: we‘re the Canaanites, from the capital cities. We came to this distant mountains on the coast for trade. We at xilanwang 18, gave a young noble men and women of God. We set sail from the port of EzionGeber entered the Red Sea, a total of 10 ships. Deviation belongs to us (the legendary son of Noah) land(Africa), which lasted 2 years, but caught in a storm, and separated from the others.We‘ve got 12 men and 3 women, came to the new coast, led by my captain. I wishmen and women God bless us!
In the text above, distant shore can also be translated as iron island. Near wherethe stone is said to be found, Brazil‘s Minas Gerais State, rich in iron ore, it is probably not pure coincidence. Also worth noting is that etymology even though most believe that Brazil (Brazil) the origin out of local wood, the wood can be made bright red paint, glow like a Brazier of coal, but the ancient Semitic Word for iron is brzl, with Brazil a homonym.
The missing stone is enough to prove that the Phoenicians in BC has been to SouthAmerica? I’m afraid I can’t. Authorities Morrison points out that the history of America, and stones with inscriptions of the original source could not be traced, so that the whole story is obviously fictional. Moreover, Harvard University, another expert cross inscription also denied on purely linguistic grounds, pointed out that with just a few different times of Phoenician writings carved to hash.
Another allegedly confirms that the Phoenicians to the Antiquities of America, 1658in the carved stone found in Bonn, in Massachusetts, the inscription translates is theDeclaration of annexation of territory: Hanoi‘s occupation of this place. Is probably the Carthaginian Hanno. In 425 BC he set sail along the West coast of Africa to theSouth, looking for gold. Yale University historian Robert luopoci think the Bonn stone was obvious fakes.
Believe is really the Phoenicians discover America school, also raised some of the same dubious evidence. One of them is a map of the known world, is Turkey admiralsand map map Pili·leisi in 1513 and painted. Figure accurately marked in the East coast of South America. Lacey is said to have drawn map, is in Alexandria before a largeimage of map collections in the library. That library has been destroyed by fire in 47BC. If that’s true, information must have been supplied by Phoenician seafarers, wasthe only Phoenician talent beyond the pillars of Hercules in the distance first-hand geographical information. However, Les sources of information are more likely to bePortugal seaman, in 1513, is the era of the new world of the medium-term.
Another ancient documents, is the l century BC Greece writer Diodorus Siculus works, which documented the Phoenicians was found in non-African Ocean “a fairly large island and fertile mountainous … … River, navigable . Guide to someone think thisis America. Phoenician scholar mosikati that seems to be close to places, perhaps Madeira.
Ancient Eastern Mediterranean and Mesoamerican civilizations left behind relics of civilization compared two civilizations had contact when new speculation. The Olmecand the Maya, like Egypt, like using hieroglyphics, invented the calendar, also can predict the planets run. They also build a flat-topped pyramid, and Mesopotamian Temple Tower of the magnificent buildings are similar, and are decorated with reliefsof the priests and Kings, whose appearance appears to be Semitic.
Another piece of evidence, rather than archaeological, but rather a botanical. The Olmec people of future generations used to weave the cloth of cotton, is said to be awild American cotton and Egypt long-staple cotton hybrids. If the cotton seed is from the Nile Valley floating Atlantic to Mexico, in the distant coast spontaneous self probably impossible. Apart from other factors aside, long immersion in seawater alone will kill the seeds of life. So, will these seeds is composed of Phoenician ships to America?
Another group may have been to America is Chinese, southern Qi Yongyuan year (499), the monk Hui Shen and four monks, air sea search for island hibiscus the tropical paradise. Schooner they may encounter from Japan to the East through the strong warm current in the Pacific, around a large circle, across the North Pacific. After reaching the North and South along the coast to Mexico.
Chinese to find a civilized nation, “Wucheng Guo, written … … Without an army, to prevent war. Fuso wood were also found, “born such as bamboo shoots, Chinese food, real-like PEAR and red, performance skin for cloth, clothing, also Kam, House … … Fuso paper.
Such records makes some people think of Americas first golden age of the great city of Teotihuacan, where lived, worshipped the Sun of peaceloving people, no wallsaround to defend. Native of tropical America Tequila, reddish berries in addition tobeing outside, others are in line with the description of Fusang trees. It shoots like bamboo shoots, and edible. The trees themselves having a fiber that can be used toweave linen and linen, but also used to make paper. This may be coincidence, however, because Hui Shen also mentioned in the Chronicle of the horse, cow, deer cart.Prior to the Spanish occupation of the region, the Indians had no wheeled vehicles in the area, there was no domestic livestock. Said Hui Shen described in Indian country is obviously a conflict that cannot be justified.
In 1974, a man named gunuo·Ke flexible cloth, intends to test Hui Shen has a rangeof possibilities, from Hong Kong by a Chinese sailing vessel to sail to Mexico. Ancient Viet Nam had and the Inca knotted ropes message instead to write similar, he sawthis similarity, and get inspired for this feat. His sailing almost survived the difficulties on the way, but sticking the marine mollusks of the hull was finally destroyed sailing.
Archaeological finds seem to confirm that the ancient Asia and the United States have had contact with the two continents. One Austria experts in Mexico claims to be found before the discovery of America by Columbus red Suebito head, look like Chinese, Phoenician and Nigro people. In Honduras in the Mayan ruins of Copan where,stands a stone, it was felt that looks like a head stone and turbanlike slaves. Besidethe stone, engraved portrait is a bit like Chinese officials. But Mayan experts do notagree with these figures is in direct correlation with the Asian.
Nevertheless, the famed anthropologist haneige graciously made a startling assumption, says the Chinese across the Pacific Ocean from 700 BC and has that massive expansion on the sea. He predicted that “future research may find the influence of Asia … … Changing the entire structure of uncivilized society and culture of ancient tribal culture into near the old world civilizations.
Columbus had discovered America before speculation in the most bizarre legend ofKui Salzburg quarts, is the story of this enigmatic figure. He is the God of the wind and the water, feathered snakes.
According to this legend, qui Salzburg quarts is held in Grand place with the specialCroat Kings. Tolan in the later Aztec capital Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City), 40 kilometres north of. During his reign, 10th century AD. He lived in the Palace, cut off, never looked in the mirror, from butterfly instead of people as a sacrifice offered to Godand the wrath of the gods. Wizards luring his binge drinking, he seduced a womanpriest, and then give him a mirror, let him look at his own decay (also said to be aging) in the face. His solemn monarchs image destroyed, then ran to the near the Veracruz coast today, driving the raft gone, vowed to one day come back to retrieve histreasure, and ruled his people.
500 years later, Gao Daisi General and a group of longbearded Spain conquerors from Cuba landed not far away from the above location, azitekewangmengtesumaershichu reports on visitors, then this visitor Tholt Croat legends about qui Salzburg quart back together. In accordance with the prophecy, this God and its attendant “bearded white men to look like, dressed in clothes of various colors, wore a circular overlay … … Rode like a Deer Hunter, others rode a flying like the wind Eagle back. (rticle read network
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