Marius’s military reforms

Marius‘s military reforms


As Caesar‘s uncle, nephew Marius apparently did not so famous. He served asRoman Consul 7 times, twice more than Caesar. Soon after becomes Consul for the last time, Marius died due to illness, he left Caesar, in addition toillustrious pedigree, but there is something even more importantthe Romanarmy.


Closely together with the name of Marius, is undoubtedly his reforms of theRoman military, whose main contributions are:
1. changing the system of citizen soldiers into mercenary system. Romanarmies in the past nobles, Knights and wealthy farmers as the main body, theequipment will be purchased by the soldier himself. Marius in order toobtain a sufficient number of soldiers, military recruitment of volunteersof free people, including a large number of workers and lower-middle peasants. This part of the provided for by the State and the army withweapons. This great solves the problem soldiers of the Roman army.


2. the reform of the army. Past is the Roman Army of ancient Macedon, Mariuslater increased the depth of the Regiment, with three or more horizontalinstead of two, enhance the impact resistance of the Corps.


3. the branches of the military reform. Roman soldier class division in thepast, Gong Bing, swords, javelins soldiers each, so the advantage of shortertraining time, low cost, quick to facilitate multidisciplinary jointoperations; the downside is once a square collapsed, other matrices will beimmediately exposed their weaknesses: like a bow and arrow is not suitable for close combat, sword and dagger is not suitable for long range combat,the Javelin is not suitable for the Yang to attack. Once caught by theenemies of this vulnerability, the Roman army would suffer a crushing blow.Marius to every soldier equipped with a Javelin, short swords, crossbows and other weapons, asking them to be familiar with the performance of varioustools, transform arms at any time. Individual weight is said to be more than60 kg, compared to around 15 kg load us.


Marius the effectiveness of the reform was obvious, from the Roman army interms of quantity and combat capabilities have been significantly increased.Caesar later evaluation considered his forte lies in the flexibility of theexisting army command, its military organization is no great innovations offully benefiting from Marius‘s credit. Marius civilian origins, often goes out to practice, and his joys and sorrows, he felt all the disadvantages ofthe Roman army, then make an effective reform, Roman army, built up an enemymost feared Tigers of the Division.
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