Lost civilization: why the sudden death of ancient Egypt?

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In the long river of history, there are many ancient civilizations. Egypt is one of them. Ancient Egypt happened in the end what disaster makes a civilization in this regard destruction, history books is not recorded, experts are unable to explain the reasons. So we can only find clues from the archaeological heritage of the Egyptian destruction.
The tomb of the governor of the “ancient kingdom” in the end of the tragedy of eating
About 5000 years ago, before the famous as far away as the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamun, also before the Naif M Te Te as far away as Cleopatra, Egypt appeared the first great civilization, this is archaeologists called the Old Kingdom, (also known as “Old Kingdom”). During this period, Egypt’s social prosperity and stability, in the art, architecture and writing and other aspects of the achievements, the famous Pyramid Giza group is one of the masterpieces of the ancient kingdom. Pyramid is the ancient kingdom of Pharaoh’s Tomb of Pharaoh to immortal in Pyramid.

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However, about 4200 years ago, after nearly 1000 years of prosperity, the ancient kingdom of a sudden collapse, Egypt into the dark abyss of nearly 200 years. So, what is the cause of the ancient kingdom of the sudden collapse of it? Traditional theory thinks, is the Pharaoh after the death of the succession dispute triggered a bloody political conflict, which led to the final destruction of the country. However, some people doubt this theory, on the grounds that there is no lack of history as a result of the power to compete for serious consequences of the incident, but it led to the collapse of the country is rare. However, the people who hold this view can not get the relevant evidence to prove it.
In 1971, in southern Egypt, archaeologists have uncovered the tomb tomb dating back about 4200 years ago in ancient Egypt from the end of the monarchy of a governor, named “An Ke Hati”. In the tomb, the walls of the tomb, archaeologists were surprised to found a pictographic text describing the event: at the end of the Old Kingdom, the Egyptian (i.e. southern Egypt) occurred extremely serious famine, so many people began to eat their own children!

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