La civiltà perduta

Ancient Greece civilization is the cradle of Western civilization. Greeceis Greece for their district of residence is known, is not a name of a Statein ancient times, is made up of many city-States. It has a long history,40,000 years ago BC Paleolithic people lived. 6,000 years ago entered theNeolithic age. Minoan civilization reached its peak at about 2000 years ago,1415 BC pin hidden. Later Mycenaean mountain in prior to 1600 to 1200 BCcontinued. Before the 20th century to the 12th century known as Aegeancivilization, civilization of bronze. Doria invasion interrupts theMycenaean civilization, before 1100 to 800 before civilization back to thedark ages of iron age era of Homeric heroes.
From 8th century to 6th century was before Greece slavery City-State offormative and early Greece, or ancient times, after the end of the Aegeancivilization is once again a lot of times. 492 years before the outbreak of the Greco-Persian wars, which lasted more than 40 years. Athens and Spartahad just United, two DuPont Peloponnesian War smoke (ex431 to 404 BC).Ancient world war, Greece‘s golden age ended, Greece balanced relationsbetween the City-State was broken. But this time, Greece North-EasternMacedonia. Alexander‘s empire collapsed at the end of Greece who fall ofregime the Ptolemaic Kingdom (30 years ago for the annexation of Rome) wasGreece culture spread, known as Greece times.
The glory belongs to Greece, the great Roman. Roman classical era concludes.753 BC Rome founded to the last emperor of Rome in 476 ad deposed before and after thousands of years, Eastern Mediterranean civilizations around leadingand Roma take centre stage.
Luo 735 years before the curtain rose on April 21 city, more than 240 yearsage of Kings, 509 Wang last King in the age of takewen was the eighth Kingof pride to overthrow established republican system, has been to theprevious 27 years. Republican period, Roman establishment and improvement ofthe Republic. First in Italy and then achieved dominance in theMediterranean. Through love of war, samonai war, the Pyrrhic war, unityexcept the North (occupying Gauls) other than the Italy peninsula; then thePunic Wars (battle with the Carthaginians, the former from 264 to 146 BC),and Macedonians after the war, becoming landlords the sea Overlord. 500years of Republican tradition Ottawa dimension of the centralization processvery carefully, but it was 27 years ago, was awarded the Augustus title,the Principate was established in Rome. 200 years after Augustus, 1-2centuries AD, although heads of State as the Center‘s ruling group is fullof violent plots, but, on the whole, Rome entered a relatively peaceful andstable, the golden age of economic prosperity, Roman peace era (the Silk Road was opened). From 192-284 years, Roman domestic political corruption,military failure, serious crises on social development, namely, the 3rdcentury crisis. Subsequent reforms have eased the crisis, then declineinevitable. 395, the Roman Empire was divided into two parts, with its capital in Constantinople and Rome respectively. 476 xiluoma last emperorwas deposed and Empire. End of the Byzantine Empire until 1453.
Elderly people die when the last know Mayan languages, Mayan civilization ofthe chain is broken. After the Europeans arrived in Maya‘s First century,people‘s memory of Maya civilization disappear without a trace. Civilizationis like a Lamb of God, when God loved him, he can bring unlimited prosperityand wealth, but once he was in the presence of God fell out of favor, doomwill fall upon him. Maya by later archaeologists recognized national is veryhigh, and many of their traditions of civilization, is still beyond our IQcategory. But 900 years before, it was in decline, it is recommended becausetheir destruction of resources and continuous war. First contact with theoutside world comes from the Maya Aaron cloth sail. European conquerors forMaya is not only wars, plagues.
2000B. C.-250A.D. for the first classic of Maya civilization to mature and delicate; 250A.D.-900A.D. for the classical period, Mexico after the invasion of Maya civilization into new life, civilization never active; 900A.D.-1521A.D. native Mayan civilization shows degraded tendencies; 1521 the Spaniards reached the Maya zone … …
Great navigation era, closed around the world, South Africa, between the oldcity and new city, knowing each other and in a State of total isolation.From the mid-15th century to the era of the great geographical discoveriesin the late 17th century, changed the face of the world. It is a bridgeconnecting late Middle Ages to the early modern period. (Europe from 500 adto 1500 ad 1000 years are known as the middle ages, this period has longbeen considered one of the darkest periods in Europe. Because of thebarbarian invasions and settlement caused by the collapse of the RomanEmpire, almost caused the total destruction of European culture at that time. Feudalism in Western Europe is, in this context, by Germanic, Romanand Christian convergence of three factors, from the ruins of Rome after thefall of production, on the development of. Chivalry is also produced inmedieval Europe, is gradually in the process of feudalization in Europe,established system of feudal vassals. Medieval Europe is a loose collectionof territories. ) Dispersed finally in the large navigation age of the worldhas been unified. In this day and age in the extinction of certain primitivetribes, and a large number of immigrants in the fused with alien and laterformed a new nation, great navigation led to the migration of the peoples of the world and fusion. Our world today with this hot and cool, but is acontinuation of that era.
Inca Civilization ends in Spain a small team of less than 200 people inabout 1530.
In the 14 and 15th century in full glory in the Aztec civilization ended inSpain conquerors Kolster, is the year 1519.
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