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Internal and externalInternal and external
In Greece, the rapid development of the city, at the same time, the Persian Empire is also the rise of the east. To the end of sixth Century B.C., the Persian Empire has been east of the India River, the west coast of Asia minor. They control the Phoenician traders active in Asia Minor and the Black Sea Straits, violated the commercial interests of the greeks.
In 492 BC, the first Persian army from the sea and land were attacking greece. Navy in via the Cape, Yatuo met big storm almost completely annihilated, the army in Thrace met local resistance losses, had to return to Persia. In 490 bc, the Persian Empire ‘s 100000 army and 600 warships began to attack the Greek second times, but in the battle of marathon.
480 BC, the Persian Empire, the third invasion of greece. The 31 city states, led by the city of Athens and the city, made up the whole of the Greek League, and decided to take the man as the supreme commander of the alliance. September 480 BC, naval warfare broke out in the narrow Salamis Bay, Greece’s small warships flexible shuttle, defeated the Persian large warships, the Persian Navy after the loss of 300 ships retreated to their home. In 449 BC, debilitating Persian Empire agreed with Greece peace treaty, promise not to send warships into the Aegean Sea, lasted for decades in the Persian war end so far.
After the war, due to the barrier of the ocean and the war, the two sides have no ability to attack each other. This allows them to represent the eastern and Western civilization in the direction of the development of their respective. Since then, Greece has become the source of Western civilization, Islamic culture is also widely spread on the Persian land.
The Greek city states continue to develop, reached the peak of prosperity in Athens under the leadership of pericles. But the outward expansion of the forces of Athens caused the conflict between the interests of the other cities, such as Corinth, and the Biro Behn Tha alliance, which was led by the other, became the enemy of Athens. To do it is a war that has been fighting for their own good.
From 431 BC to 404 BC, Greece’s Shangdi and the sea appeared on a melee, known as Pelopo’s war. The result of the war was that the man, with the help of Persia, defeated Athens, and made the whole of Greece’s hegemony. After the Greek War continues, many city states like a revolving door in turn become the new king of greece. In the 4th century BC the first half of the century, as a result of the turmoil of war consumed the city-state of strength, and finally to the Greek into the new Macedonian power control.

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