In the legend of the lost ancient continent

In the legend of the lost ancient continent
On some old maps, it is found that, in every corner of the globe, the fingerprints of lost civilizations can be seen, but they cannot be seen, and the land on which they live. In the study of the history of the world’s culture, there are many puzzles unsolved, one of them is the Atlantis Atlantis, or the translation of “Atlantida”, also called “Atlantis”) civilization exists or not in the end. For thousands of years, is the first westerners, and then there are people in the East have strong interest, looking for the traces of diligently strive after. Scientists therefore wrote many papers and monographs, covering the field of history, archaeology, anthropology, geography, geology, meteorology, and biology, seems to have become a new science of Atlantis.
The earliest record of the Atlantis legend when people push Platon a great philosopher of ancient Greece (427 BC to 347 years ago). In 350 B. C., Platon recorded the story of Atlantis in his famous “dialogues”, recorded by his cousin, Currie Cias, a disciple of Socrates. Legend of 12000 years ago, from the Strait of Gibraltar is not far, in America, Europe and Africa between the vastness of the Atlantic had a mysterious, named the continent of Atlantis. Its an area of about 20000000 square kilometers, more than Asia and Libya together”. The island has a mild climate, abundant, dense forests, fertile land, economic prosperity, science developed, magnificent architecture, wealthy and strong, to inspire awe throughout the country. But did not last long, one day, in a devastating earthquake and flood, the Atlantis sank to the bottom of the sea, disappeared in the waves roll, no trace.
Atlantis, the lost continent is really ancient fable, or fictional in an earthly paradise? So far is still a mystery. Platon said the story of Atlantis, the purpose is to prove God to punish people who believe in false gods, sounds like a fable. But Platon has suggested that the story of Atlantis is not a myth. He said that the destruction of the terrible scourge of Atlantis, the history of oral tradition has been down for thousands of years. The quasi magic plausibility of mystery, until today still in people’s heart, affects people inquire into the truth of interest. So Atlantis when why disappear, in where and so on a series of problems has become the people are quite concerned about the things. Scholars, experts have conducted a number of exploration and research, given a large number of explanations.

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