Frozen in time forever masterpiece

Frozen in time forever masterpiece
And now, the exciting moment coming up! Fox‘s anchorwoman and archaeologistsas they enter the kamengluoneibidiershi the Queen of pyramids. Egypt workers carefully remove boulders at the entrance of the pyramid, Egypt archaeologist to Fox‘s anchorwoman said, we discover the past in order to better face the future, this is Egypt Government unprecedentedly allowed for live broadcast of foreign news mediapurposes. Very interesting is, carved on the door of kamengluoneibidiershi King menkaura and Queen hands, very affectionate. It has found that Egypt Pharaoh statuevery rare, because usually the Pharaoh statues are very serious, showing a dignified look.
After the big rocks are removed when the pyramid entrance, unfolds in front of people is a size of 19 inch, narrow, vertical downward channel, only one barely passed. ,That the Queen built the pyramid of time certainly didn’t want anyone to break intothe sanctuary. After you climb down the channel, still have to climb over a small hole into the burial chamber. However, the show placed in front of people is a mess ofrocks and stones, is still not completed. Egypt archaeologists said, this clearly isn’t finished. If so, then the burial chamber of the pyramid is generally very clean. Maybebefore the project is complete, kamengluoneibidiershi the Queen died. In fact, nothing is found in the pyramid, once again proved in the past to explore the pyramiddid not discover anything factual. According to Egypt archaeologist‘s eye, the pyramid built around 2500 BC ago. After careful searching, they found in a sarcophagus atthe edge of the bunker was a man‘s skull. Judging from the skull, it‘s at least 2 500 years of history. But now figure out this skull is looters or others. In addition, the tomb and some stone tools. In addition to empty the, it seems that kamengluoneibidiershi to the Queen later staged a City.
In charge of the world‘s attention for key excavations, Egypt of Dr Hawass. Dr Hawass holds the Giza plateau all archaeological work in the approval and supervision ofpower, in a 30year career in archaeology, Hawass has participated in Egypt almostall important archaeological site excavations, also responsible for the maintenance and stewardship of the great pyramids and the Sphinx. Dr Hawass‘s famous quote: ifwell cultural relics protection, excellent archaeological work, archaeological work just like a hen that lays the golden eggs!
Is attached to this great exclusives Australia media magnate Rupert Murdoch‘s United States Fox television network. To that end, Fox company total has invested morethan 100 million US dollars, and has been for a number of years of excavation work.Now, it will be the final puzzle revealing moment. To be sure, they sent the Fox company most capable team of 10 people entered the site along with the team, up to 2hours of live coverage. Presiding over this report is Fox ACE Reporter Mali·boweiqi. In order to attract more people to pay attention to this event, Fox company specialized in Egypt opened an Internet Web site, so that interested persons all over the world can talk with reporters to the scene. Fox Home page it reads: Pharaoh‘s curse ofdeath will kiss again, please? People can not help but think all deaths of the first expedition to enter the pyramid of Khufu‘s terrible events. Is it scary? Of course a little bit. Gregg Popovich said with a shrug, If life can get a glimpse of 4 500 years ago civilization is dead is worth it! In order to do this work live, Fox used the most advanced digital cameras and robotics. Hong Kong‘s Phoenix as also part of Murdoch’s Hong Kong satellite company is the shareholders, to the advantage of geographical proximity, became the only Asian broadcast television of this excavation ceremony.
In the Highlands West of the pyramids of Giza Tomb, mysterious tombs excavated entering the final stage. In fact, began to explore the Tomb as early as November 1998, when the United States Fox Television‘s ACE Reporter Gregg Popovich and Egyptauthority archaeologist Dr Hawass went into the depths of 30 meters undergroundwhen ramps, the first thing is many of the ramps on both sides of the wall frescoesand ancient Egypt a man named Kai high priest. Kai is ancient Egypt‘s fourth dynasty (2680 BC to 2,560 years) three Pharaoh sneferu, Khufu and Khafre‘s high priest. Position is very prominent at the time of the high priest, in charge of the country‘smajor religious and ritual activities. Kelly act as Minister, and imparting knowledgeto children of Pharaoh Taishi, also responsible for the Pharaoh’s family vault build management. Mural on the very rich: some people are butchers, some people holdinga bundle of cloth, like a dance. Dr Hawass said: see these murals are very excited today, but even more excitement is yet to come! Kay‘s grave in the past 4 500 years no one has ever stepped into.
Previously, Egypt, archaeology is often by the explorers to find hundreds of labour day and night work, and this is possible only by trained archaeologists and experts toconcentrate on my work in the cemetery. Because artifacts are in the cemetery wereburied in the sand for a long time, so in the excavated immediately after spraying a layer of special chemical protection. Archaeologists say, tombs are found every day crafts and stone utensils and so on. One day, they finally had Egypt an important discovery in the history of archaeologyan engraved in ancient Egypt text inscription. Contents of the inscriptions and about the high priest Kay records. From theseclues, Dr Hawass concluded that this mysterious Tomb Raider is the Kay family cemetery.
Shortly thereafter, the archaeologists also made exciting discoveries: a woman‘s bones. Dr Hawass concluded that she was the wife of the high priest kai, one of the bones has been preserved intact, two hands crossed on his chest. Of course, trying to determine the exact age of the remains of women, identity and other circumstances,and x-ray photograph. According to Dr Hawass‘s personal judgment, that the bonesshould have 4 500-4 600 years of history.
Again after a period of approximately 30-foot-deep channel, Dr Hawass and reporters came to the allegedly Kay Tomb place. Tomb 1 m high, about half a metre wide,can only one person in and out. Tomb of about 2 m, width 1 m, 1.5 m high. Above the entrance and sides carved with hieroglyphs, after the translation of hieroglyphicsabove release is Kay by that name. Enter the Interior of the Tomb, covered with hieroglyphics on its East wall, carving beautiful, crisp lines and bright, the whole layout is very harmonious. On the South, West and North walls were ancient Egypt people living, labour scene murals, such as: farmer field farming scene of Petunia hybrida,shoulder the depiction of the grain harvest, with bow and arrows to hunt over, thereare rowing and rafting on the river scene. Men naked waist with a cloth wrap. Is most noticeable on the back wall of a site characterization, a man and a woman to the East stand, after the man and woman before men look dignified, robust, powerful, female face and buxom. The murals and hieroglyphs for thousands of years, still well preserved, is incredible. The empty tomb in a wooden coffin. This coffin is 2 feet high and 4 feet long. Dr Hawass has carefully studied the coffin on the ancient Egypt text and symbols of the family with joy when she said: this is the tomb of Kai himself!Because of the wooden coffin deep underground more than 30 meters, plus the dry desert climate, so wood after the Millennium is not corruption. After searching around the coffin, Dr Hawass finds two shapes as the pottery jar beer today. Both potswere getting ready for the tomb of regeneration.
The most exciting moment: Dr Hawass opened the wooden coffin lid! What can be found inside it? Dr Hawass has just opened one of them, he couldn’t help shouting:Mummy, Mummy! Mummy is a very complete! Dr Hawass brush carefully brushed the Mummy dust, and excitedly told reporters: this was arguably the oldest Mummy ever found, which is a full 4 more than 500 years of history. Most stroke is amazing, even wrapped in Mummy cloth is in good condition.
Standing at the bottom of the Sphinx, very proud, said Dr Hawass, beneath his feet like a prophet as legend, discovered a huge 3storey underground Palace. This is thegreat discovery of his life, is Egypt for the first time open to the world the secret!
Long before this, many experts and scholars say, the Sphinx is 12 000 years ago, leftby ancient civilizations. Dr Hawass has said that 12 000 years ago, ancient Egypt leftmany records under the Sphinx, hope that the future generations can inspire humans to prehistoric times after it found there is more awareness. United States famous Prophet once said that if a recording found beneath the Sphinx, then human beings can know who we are? Life is going on? Some of those scientists are using radar proved the underground Palace saidgoldjewelrystores
Fabulous Hawass said: under the Sphinx does have a very large giant building, is the God Osiris. Osiris dedicated to measuring the world‘s wrongs. This the first time in front of the world debut of Osiris underground Temple has 3 floors, the real Temple deep in the ground layer. The most amazing third floor has been flooded before. God of the temple, there are 4 huge columns, surrounded by a flood of the sarcophagus. Although there are no people to see the Prophet said about human secret,but such an ambitious underground construction is still people are amazed. Furthermore, underground engineering excavation work is far from complete, perhaps there is hiding the real secret.
In addition, Egypt archaeologists also showed some never show people things. Some beautiful murals and even showed off some high-tech shadow, something very like the ship and helicopter design. Most surprising is helicopter pattern profile and the current United States air force use of the most advanced Apache helicopter ofexactly the same shape.
We study the past to better face the new century. Some researchers have even asserted that when humans in the 20th century when landing on Mars, and suddenly, weface no more than the past.
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