Exploring ruins of ancient city of Jericho

Exploring ruins of ancient city of Jericho


Based on the Bible‘s record, after 19th century archaeologists continue to come, explore the ruins of this ancient city. 1867-1870, Warren took the lead in the European investigation and excavation work in Jerusalem and its environs, but found nothing. In 1907-1909, Germany Professor Ernest Ensite·sailin of the Oriental Institute openedthe Jericho excavations began. 1930-1936 and 1952-1958, plus Tang and kailiyang, respectively led by a United Kingdom archaeological team has discovered the ruins of the ancient city, revealed from Neolithic times until the old testament of the Bible,Joshua until the era of the ruined city described in the sixth chapter of the completesequence, the time span of 10,000 years BC to the front middle of the 20 century. Itis not only in Palestine, but also the history of the world can claim to be one of a handful of important sites.


Want to learn about finding, you must first review the origin of mankind. Ernie Schell said in 1650 the Archbishop, creation of time is on the eve of Sunday, October 23, 4004 BC. This said that although in the 19th century had also not many people doubt that but no one believed to have today. In zoology is part of the modern reality TV subspecies, is about 30,000 years in the past to live on this earth, only humans.But smart people and on the evolution of extinction Australopithecus humanoiddiscovery does show that as early as forty thousand or fifty thousand years ago, theEast African Savannas have been on human life. Mankind‘s most original and important inventionthe pebble tools unearthed in the area.


Old stone age Hunter was wandering everywhere, of no fixed abode. However, we now know that about 30,000 years BC, they started to like a more stable life. They want to live in a cave, or take the hut shelter shelter settled on the Plains. We already know that the oldest residence, was built from the skins and sticks, has a diameter of20-foot circular huts, also has a 25-foot-long oval-shaped shelters. Remains of thesethings in the Czechoslovakian duniweisituonisi‘s mammoth (mammoth) found on the Moor.


All communities or communities are necessaryfor security, to go, in order to Exchange was formed. However, if the lack of food, and communities will not be able tosupport it. Wandering hunting crowd into permanent residents, the biggest factor isfound in the production of food, life no longer need to rely on luck to hunt. The shift began around 8000 BC, that is the end of the last ice age, the Neolithicrevolution at the beginning of time. The overhaul of the first planting a variety of edible plants and domesticated a few animals. The outcome of this reform, importantfor the future of mankind throughout history. Hunters into farmers, wandering intosettled people.

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Farming requires a lot of manpower, you also need to have more highly organized than hunting. Taking care of crops, feed and look after livestock, storage of surplus work needs to be done, more stable life. That will be the first fixed communities. Landreclamation work began.


This shift is how long did it take, no one knows. Change is gradual, perhaps after thousands of years to complete. This one of the earliest areas of reform is the Middle East. But not we always thought of the alluvial River Valley, but in the mountainous terrain around the edge of the fertile Crescent. Bohemian crowd at the area found some wild plants, and later became their first grain food.


In Iran, and Iraq, and Israel, and Jordan, and Syria and other places of the Piedmontregion, archaeologists have discovered to the cultivation of wheat, barley, feed thegoats, sheep, reclamation district remains the most primitive of the living. Iraq James mold and Granville into rice, Syria Shamlah angle found ruins of the village, therewas one of the earliest food storage cellar and a stove. Remains of the so-called world‘s oldest towns, was unearthed in the area. Although, these residents of Ishigaki and left no written records, but we can imagine what those colonies turned out to be.


Today, Jericho road connecting Jerusalem and Amman, and twists, to climb Kuang Xiang Jewish sub in the middle of the mountains. Good hotel, is a long downhill, down Jordan Valley. Intervals along the road, placed a high degree of identity. However, because it is below sea level, so mark the height refers to the number below the sea surface. In a sinking hot plain, there is a meandering river course, last dead sea shine can be seen in the distance. Located in the plains of Jericho Center, like a mirage, an oasis, a fragrant garden of Eden-like, ready for the reception of passengers that crossed the desert. Over more than 800 feet below the city was located in the sea,are the cities with the lowest elevation on Earth, is the most ancient city ruins excavated so far.


According to the Bible, Jericho is the city of Palms. Jericho, thanks to Ein Es Sultanor Li Xiaquan of freshwater given to Eritrea. Today, the spring water diversion road into the town, 1 km north of the reservoir. In an oval shaped springs at the foot hillswell was dry. Hill called the Koh-i-Sultan. This is a mound, ancient does not know how many foreign invasion force across the Department, has weathered wind and rainerosion for a long time, also heavily by archaeologists today discovered. It upliftedmore than more than 60 feet high on the Plains and dominates the party, mysterious. Now known, about 9 000 years ago, there used to be an ancient city, 4 000 yearsearlier than the cities of Sumer. Believe that is they had built a wall of Jericho site.


Fragments of the biblical Jericho is in the old testament in the Bible, Joshua. Moses Israel into Jordan River before it has died, and not with his people into the promised landCanaan. Led Israel people crossed the desert and crossing the Jordan River,is the successor of Moses and Joshua. Israel people under siege in the West Bank during the first Canaan the city of Jericho. On the 7th day, Israel when people cried out around the city, tall and strong walls caved in. Massacre of men, women and children in the city, the whole city was burned to the ground, the damned beyond redemption.


At the end in the 19th century, the stories contained in the book of Joshua to interest a group of archaeologists, they flocked to search the ruins of Jericho in the Bible.Today, after nearly a century of excavations, have not found Joshua destroyed wall ruins, erosion is already collapsed, had turned to dust.


Due to the Neolithic city found that disturbed the original chronology, more likely to overturn the city was founded in the Sumerian theory.


Sudan Hill as the site of Troy, the ancient city is built close to the cascade, and jixin,come from behind. Just layer more than Troy. One of the final phase, was built in about the iron age began in 1500 BC, following a grid-shaped ditch extending in all directions, at downward excavation emerged. All layers visible, 6 more than 000 years,there nearly was inhabited for generations, never stopped. From the edge of one of the vertical section, you can see the walls built in the more than 50 feet below the bottom, up to 20 feet. This is a staggering discovery, it seems, can trace the beginnings of urban life.


Jericho buried in the North and 350 meters long and 150 metres wide, under hugeartificial mounds of 21.5 meters high. After more than 100 years of archaeological excavations, although has yet to find Israel destroyed the site of Jericho, but United Kingdom woman archaeologist Dr Catherine kailiyang in the archaeological excavations in 1952-1958, found more ancient wall ruins, after determination of radioactive carbon 14, the earliest dated to 8000 BC. Historians believe that Israel people attack the battle of Jericho took place between 1250 and 1400 BC to front, so Jericho is Israel consumed in existence for at least 6 500 years before. This important archaeological discovery shocked and delighted the world.


Formation of Jericho not one day of power, Jericho site has rich culture to us a magnificent historical picture.


Starting from 10,000 BC, humans had already settled here. At the bottom of the site,archaeologists unearthed na culture period of geometric microliths, bone and otherremains found Temple ruins. Experts speculate that the temple is based on huntingand gathering as the main source of people dedicated to the spring construction.


Jericho, site of the Neolithic cultural layers occupy di9-17 layer, on the 9th floor hasunearthed pottery, di10-17 no pottery, known as the pottery neolithic culture before. Dr kailiyang named former pottery Neolithic a layer, the rest has discovered the world‘s oldest city Jericho. In this layer, discovered has a diameter of 5 meters of rounded earthen houses, by Adobe of leiqi a half cone shape. Ruins of the city area of about 4 hectares (equivalent to 60 MU), the city is surrounded by 2 m thick, 4 m high stone wall, wall height of more than 6 metres, with regular stones carved bases.Outside the walls, also found a wide 6.44 meters, 2.43 m deep ditch, similar toChina‘s protective moat. City built 10 meters in diameter, 8.5 meters high above thegreat Tower, equipped with stairs straight to the top of the Tower, similar to the medieval castles main bases in Europe. Archaeologists speculate that the Jericho resident population of 2 000 people, they are engaged in agricultural production, cattle, sheep and pigs, mastered the technology of production of flint tools. These residentsalso engaged in large-scale civil engineering, well-organized degree surprise.
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