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Lost civilization: why the sudden death of ancient Egypt?

In the long river of history, there are many ancient civilizations. Egypt is one of them. Ancient Egypt happened in the end what disaster makes a civilization in this regard destruction, history books is not recorded, experts are unable to … Continue reading

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Exploring ruins of ancient city of Jericho

Exploring ruins of ancient city of Jericho   Based on the Bible‘s record, after 19th century archaeologists continue to come, explore the ruins of this ancient city. 1867-1870, Warren took the lead in the European investigation and excavation work in … Continue reading

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On the desolate plateau of “Gallery”

Sub is not depicted as described by Herodotus, the desolate wasteland since ancient times. Archaeology and geology studies provide sufficient evidence, the Sahara was once a lush fertile land, wide range of amphibious animals, elephants, hippos, fish,mollusks, such as the … Continue reading

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The Roman Empire

Despite the large amount of personal power has very large, to avoid a repeat, Octavian in the centralization process very carefully. He respected Republican, he never Kings or dictators, while the Senate to claim. Chief elder … His Republic‘s original … Continue reading

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