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Alexander EmpireAlexander Empire
Macedonia is located in the northern part of the Balkans, from the upper and lower two parts of macedonia. Upper Macedonia is the western plateau mountainous area, only a few pass with the outside world is communicated; under Macedonia is the eastern verge of fertile land of the Aegean Sea and Macedonia’s political, economic and cultural center. The people of Macedonia and the Greeks were the same people, in the bronze civilization in the 2000 BC, a large number of people went down to the Greek peninsula, the rest of the people remained in the north, and the people of Macedonia was one of them.
The civilization of the people of Macedonia is far behind those of the people who live in the south. By the middle of the fifth Century BC, when the Greek peninsula had spread to the prosperous city, the people of Macedonia had just set up their own country. After that, after the day of the Republic of Macedonia, they have to learn advanced culture and life style, and promote their economic development through trade with the Greek city states.
The middle of the fourth Century BC, Philip II of Macedonia under the rule to become a powerful country. Philip II took a series of military, administrative and economic measures, weakened the nobles, the concentrated power in the hands of the king. Then the forces of Macedonia began to expand to the Greek state, the military threat and money to draw the practice of politicians is very effective, the city quickly formed a non neglect of the pro Macedonia forces, anti Macedonia and their struggle is also increasingly fierce. The expansion of Macedonia had a more and more important influence on the sea trade, which directly harmed the interests of the Greek city states. In 338 BC, in the Greek federal formed a coalition against Macedonia, at chaeronea and Macedonian army launched a battle, and ultimately to Greece for several months, allied forces defeated in the end, the Greek city states so far also completely lost political independence. The second year, Philip II of Macedon in the city of Corinth called the meeting on Greece, formed an alliance, and the alliance of Macedonia to grasp the political and military powers. Philip himself became the supreme leader of the alliance, well prepared to lead Greece on the Persian war.
However, in the army to the East on the eve of, Philip II suddenly was assassinated. His son Alexander succeeded to the throne. Philip’s accidental death caused uproar in Macedonia and Greece around, but the 20-year-old Alexander quickly suppressed the unrest, strengthen the power in their hands, the domestic stable again. At this time, the Greek economy has declined, and a large number of bankruptcy of the free people become social unrest factor. In order to survive, they have joined the ranks of mercenaries, only the war can make them far away from the land, to go overseas to find a way out. At the same time, the aristocracy who hope to get more land, wealth and slaves through war and businessmen hope expand and overseas trade, access to cheaper raw materials and greater market, under the combined effect of all kinds of social factors, war has been resolve the crisis in the best way.
Like Greece, the Persian Empire was in a crisis. King flow scholar III far from possessing Alexander evil like outstanding political and military skills, the battle inside the palace and the area of the independence movement makes the large area of the country increasingly fading, centralized rule again failed to do heyday to s like play a huge role. In the face of emerging and vibrant Macedonian threat, the Persian Empire has fallen into an irreversible fall of fate.

Alexander So led by 3 million infantry and 5000 cavalry in the spring of 334 BC across the Strait, in Asia Minor and the Persian army started the fighting. At this time of the Persian army has and their country as lifeless, in Alexander led the elite troops before routed, the Greek cities of Asia Minor, also won the name of freedom. Alexander led the army to move on, in 333 BC, at issus, city and the Persian King flow scholar III of the army battle. Results the Persian army defeated Darius III escapes, Alexander then goes on an expedition to the south, captured the Phoenician marched north Africa, enter into Egypt in 332 BC, and was honored as the Pharaoh. In 331 BC, Alexander returned from Egypt, Dongdu youngsends pulls the bottom river, in the fields of Gaugamela near Nineveh and high flow scholar III army again battle. Although the number is far less than the other, but due to Alexander take the positive to avoid, attack the flanks of the right tactics, make each other’s knife chariot failed to play a major role, defeated the Persian army and return, Darius fled again, then failed to organize effective resistance.
Alexander army East in pursuit, quickly occupied the Persia, Babylon, Susa, Pa Sesphri J and Ike Pakistan Tanhan and won a lot of gold and silver. And a number of Persian buildings on fire. The great stream of people who were killed in the process of escape, the Persian Empire was destroyed. After Alexander fought for three years in Central Asia, was the local people strong resistance in many places. After the setback in the north of the plan, and turn to the southeast, in the 327 years before entering the northwest of India, the use of the contradiction between the 1 Division of various countries, have overcome many areas. Alexander also want to continue to attack east of the Ganges, is affected by the war weary men of the opposition and the local climate and disease, had to cast back to Babylon.
If at the time of Alexander continued eastward, this seems to have become falter forces may be in a few years later across the mountain and jungle, entered the Warring States era of China’s territory. ? he encountered in China’s first large opponent is likely to is just experienced Shangyang reform, political influence, economic and military strength are thriving Qin. The China is a feudal lords vying for the throne, full of heroes and vitality in Meng Ke and Zhuang is a philosopher’s thinking, King Zhao Wuling was planning to learn from other’s merits reform, Qu Yuan’s words began to emit dazzling brilliance, Zhang Yi shuttle between countries carried out political mediation — if the army of Alexander white, Wang Jian and Meng Tian met, that swept Europe, Asia, whether mainland unbeaten will end? History does not give the two civilization a chance to compete, in 323 BC, Alexander with a brilliant record Kay grain, is ready to be conquered enormously proud of one’s success for transformation when a malaria, deprived him of his life, his empire began to disintegrate, around a succession of battles and lasted 20 years.

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