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Lost civilization
Geography is one of the oldest subjects of human being. At the beginning of the epoch-making, nature in tirelessly shape earth shaking, but also bring the ancient human beings infinite curiosity and imagination. Huhu dozens of century, human beings have been feeling the natural creation of magic, but also with their own actions continuously to the planet to create new surprises. Geography “this noun, also in this person and the nature of the exchange, and constantly expand the new meaning and connotation.
The concept of “National Geographic”, that is, the students. Today, it is becoming a more and more concerned about the topic. Compared to the geography in the past academic significance. Concept, it is a more extensive and tolerance of the definition, not only the contents of Yin in the classic sense of the appearance of the mountains and rivers, the movement of the stars and other natural geographic, but more into the folklore, history, tourism, science and technology development cultural imprint, which extends and society as a whole style Xin injection a real projection. Combination of human geography. It is no longer just a simple symbol of the academic, and gradually become the a full cultural, humanistic care, has become a hot issue in today’s society, people are concerned about. However people’s enthusiasm for this, perhaps it is not for follow the fashion trend, to some extent is out of subconscious in the survival of their own significance to seek and explore. It is the combination of natural and human nature, which highlights the charm of National Geographic.
Therefore, our special editing and production of the “(illustrated world, National Geographic series” books, book a total of 10 volumes, with broad perspective from different directions to show the most comprehensive national geographic and cultural content, and lead the reader to a full range of contact on the national geographic culture. The book “lost civilization” selected in ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, ancient Egypt, ancient India and Babylon, Maya, Inca and Aztec the eight human ancient civilization, from the history, society, culture, art, science and technology and many other aspects of dialysis, deep shallow text, exquisite illustrations, tell the story of the these ancient civilizations of the past, for readers is full and accurate reproduction of the onset and evolution of the ancient civilization of trajectory.

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