Lost civilization: why the sudden death of ancient Egypt?

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In the long river of history, there are many ancient civilizations. Egypt is one of them. Ancient Egypt happened in the end what disaster makes a civilization in this regard destruction, history books is not recorded, experts are unable to explain the reasons. So we can only find clues from the archaeological heritage of the Egyptian destruction.
The tomb of the governor of the “ancient kingdom” in the end of the tragedy of eating
About 5000 years ago, before the famous as far away as the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamun, also before the Naif M Te Te as far away as Cleopatra, Egypt appeared the first great civilization, this is archaeologists called the Old Kingdom, (also known as “Old Kingdom”). During this period, Egypt’s social prosperity and stability, in the art, architecture and writing and other aspects of the achievements, the famous Pyramid Giza group is one of the masterpieces of the ancient kingdom. Pyramid is the ancient kingdom of Pharaoh’s Tomb of Pharaoh to immortal in Pyramid.

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However, about 4200 years ago, after nearly 1000 years of prosperity, the ancient kingdom of a sudden collapse, Egypt into the dark abyss of nearly 200 years. So, what is the cause of the ancient kingdom of the sudden collapse of it? Traditional theory thinks, is the Pharaoh after the death of the succession dispute triggered a bloody political conflict, which led to the final destruction of the country. However, some people doubt this theory, on the grounds that there is no lack of history as a result of the power to compete for serious consequences of the incident, but it led to the collapse of the country is rare. However, the people who hold this view can not get the relevant evidence to prove it.
In 1971, in southern Egypt, archaeologists have uncovered the tomb tomb dating back about 4200 years ago in ancient Egypt from the end of the monarchy of a governor, named “An Ke Hati”. In the tomb, the walls of the tomb, archaeologists were surprised to found a pictographic text describing the event: at the end of the Old Kingdom, the Egyptian (i.e. southern Egypt) occurred extremely serious famine, so many people began to eat their own children!

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Exploring ruins of ancient city of Jericho

Exploring ruins of ancient city of Jericho


Based on the Bible‘s record, after 19th century archaeologists continue to come, explore the ruins of this ancient city. 1867-1870, Warren took the lead in the European investigation and excavation work in Jerusalem and its environs, but found nothing. In 1907-1909, Germany Professor Ernest Ensite·sailin of the Oriental Institute openedthe Jericho excavations began. 1930-1936 and 1952-1958, plus Tang and kailiyang, respectively led by a United Kingdom archaeological team has discovered the ruins of the ancient city, revealed from Neolithic times until the old testament of the Bible,Joshua until the era of the ruined city described in the sixth chapter of the completesequence, the time span of 10,000 years BC to the front middle of the 20 century. Itis not only in Palestine, but also the history of the world can claim to be one of a handful of important sites.


Want to learn about finding, you must first review the origin of mankind. Ernie Schell said in 1650 the Archbishop, creation of time is on the eve of Sunday, October 23, 4004 BC. This said that although in the 19th century had also not many people doubt that but no one believed to have today. In zoology is part of the modern reality TV subspecies, is about 30,000 years in the past to live on this earth, only humans.But smart people and on the evolution of extinction Australopithecus humanoiddiscovery does show that as early as forty thousand or fifty thousand years ago, theEast African Savannas have been on human life. Mankind‘s most original and important inventionthe pebble tools unearthed in the area.


Old stone age Hunter was wandering everywhere, of no fixed abode. However, we now know that about 30,000 years BC, they started to like a more stable life. They want to live in a cave, or take the hut shelter shelter settled on the Plains. We already know that the oldest residence, was built from the skins and sticks, has a diameter of20-foot circular huts, also has a 25-foot-long oval-shaped shelters. Remains of thesethings in the Czechoslovakian duniweisituonisi‘s mammoth (mammoth) found on the Moor.


All communities or communities are necessaryfor security, to go, in order to Exchange was formed. However, if the lack of food, and communities will not be able tosupport it. Wandering hunting crowd into permanent residents, the biggest factor isfound in the production of food, life no longer need to rely on luck to hunt. The shift began around 8000 BC, that is the end of the last ice age, the Neolithicrevolution at the beginning of time. The overhaul of the first planting a variety of edible plants and domesticated a few animals. The outcome of this reform, importantfor the future of mankind throughout history. Hunters into farmers, wandering intosettled people.

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Farming requires a lot of manpower, you also need to have more highly organized than hunting. Taking care of crops, feed and look after livestock, storage of surplus work needs to be done, more stable life. That will be the first fixed communities. Landreclamation work began.


This shift is how long did it take, no one knows. Change is gradual, perhaps after thousands of years to complete. This one of the earliest areas of reform is the Middle East. But not we always thought of the alluvial River Valley, but in the mountainous terrain around the edge of the fertile Crescent. Bohemian crowd at the area found some wild plants, and later became their first grain food.


In Iran, and Iraq, and Israel, and Jordan, and Syria and other places of the Piedmontregion, archaeologists have discovered to the cultivation of wheat, barley, feed thegoats, sheep, reclamation district remains the most primitive of the living. Iraq James mold and Granville into rice, Syria Shamlah angle found ruins of the village, therewas one of the earliest food storage cellar and a stove. Remains of the so-called world‘s oldest towns, was unearthed in the area. Although, these residents of Ishigaki and left no written records, but we can imagine what those colonies turned out to be.


Today, Jericho road connecting Jerusalem and Amman, and twists, to climb Kuang Xiang Jewish sub in the middle of the mountains. Good hotel, is a long downhill, down Jordan Valley. Intervals along the road, placed a high degree of identity. However, because it is below sea level, so mark the height refers to the number below the sea surface. In a sinking hot plain, there is a meandering river course, last dead sea shine can be seen in the distance. Located in the plains of Jericho Center, like a mirage, an oasis, a fragrant garden of Eden-like, ready for the reception of passengers that crossed the desert. Over more than 800 feet below the city was located in the sea,are the cities with the lowest elevation on Earth, is the most ancient city ruins excavated so far.


According to the Bible, Jericho is the city of Palms. Jericho, thanks to Ein Es Sultanor Li Xiaquan of freshwater given to Eritrea. Today, the spring water diversion road into the town, 1 km north of the reservoir. In an oval shaped springs at the foot hillswell was dry. Hill called the Koh-i-Sultan. This is a mound, ancient does not know how many foreign invasion force across the Department, has weathered wind and rainerosion for a long time, also heavily by archaeologists today discovered. It upliftedmore than more than 60 feet high on the Plains and dominates the party, mysterious. Now known, about 9 000 years ago, there used to be an ancient city, 4 000 yearsearlier than the cities of Sumer. Believe that is they had built a wall of Jericho site.


Fragments of the biblical Jericho is in the old testament in the Bible, Joshua. Moses Israel into Jordan River before it has died, and not with his people into the promised landCanaan. Led Israel people crossed the desert and crossing the Jordan River,is the successor of Moses and Joshua. Israel people under siege in the West Bank during the first Canaan the city of Jericho. On the 7th day, Israel when people cried out around the city, tall and strong walls caved in. Massacre of men, women and children in the city, the whole city was burned to the ground, the damned beyond redemption.


At the end in the 19th century, the stories contained in the book of Joshua to interest a group of archaeologists, they flocked to search the ruins of Jericho in the Bible.Today, after nearly a century of excavations, have not found Joshua destroyed wall ruins, erosion is already collapsed, had turned to dust.


Due to the Neolithic city found that disturbed the original chronology, more likely to overturn the city was founded in the Sumerian theory.


Sudan Hill as the site of Troy, the ancient city is built close to the cascade, and jixin,come from behind. Just layer more than Troy. One of the final phase, was built in about the iron age began in 1500 BC, following a grid-shaped ditch extending in all directions, at downward excavation emerged. All layers visible, 6 more than 000 years,there nearly was inhabited for generations, never stopped. From the edge of one of the vertical section, you can see the walls built in the more than 50 feet below the bottom, up to 20 feet. This is a staggering discovery, it seems, can trace the beginnings of urban life.


Jericho buried in the North and 350 meters long and 150 metres wide, under hugeartificial mounds of 21.5 meters high. After more than 100 years of archaeological excavations, although has yet to find Israel destroyed the site of Jericho, but United Kingdom woman archaeologist Dr Catherine kailiyang in the archaeological excavations in 1952-1958, found more ancient wall ruins, after determination of radioactive carbon 14, the earliest dated to 8000 BC. Historians believe that Israel people attack the battle of Jericho took place between 1250 and 1400 BC to front, so Jericho is Israel consumed in existence for at least 6 500 years before. This important archaeological discovery shocked and delighted the world.


Formation of Jericho not one day of power, Jericho site has rich culture to us a magnificent historical picture.


Starting from 10,000 BC, humans had already settled here. At the bottom of the site,archaeologists unearthed na culture period of geometric microliths, bone and otherremains found Temple ruins. Experts speculate that the temple is based on huntingand gathering as the main source of people dedicated to the spring construction.


Jericho, site of the Neolithic cultural layers occupy di9-17 layer, on the 9th floor hasunearthed pottery, di10-17 no pottery, known as the pottery neolithic culture before. Dr kailiyang named former pottery Neolithic a layer, the rest has discovered the world‘s oldest city Jericho. In this layer, discovered has a diameter of 5 meters of rounded earthen houses, by Adobe of leiqi a half cone shape. Ruins of the city area of about 4 hectares (equivalent to 60 MU), the city is surrounded by 2 m thick, 4 m high stone wall, wall height of more than 6 metres, with regular stones carved bases.Outside the walls, also found a wide 6.44 meters, 2.43 m deep ditch, similar toChina‘s protective moat. City built 10 meters in diameter, 8.5 meters high above thegreat Tower, equipped with stairs straight to the top of the Tower, similar to the medieval castles main bases in Europe. Archaeologists speculate that the Jericho resident population of 2 000 people, they are engaged in agricultural production, cattle, sheep and pigs, mastered the technology of production of flint tools. These residentsalso engaged in large-scale civil engineering, well-organized degree surprise.
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Recorded in the Bible, Jericho

Recorded in the Bible, Jericho


Into the dead sea in Jordan River about 15 km northwest of the suburb of Eli in thePalestinian territories, a city about 250 metres below sea level, the city is located between Jerusalem and Amman, the Jordan River Valley in the Central, which is renowned in the world of the ancient city of Jericho.


Jericho was meant to city of the Moon and spice. It is located in the subtropical zone, the climate is dry, very little rain, due to the nearby springs of the Sudan andErnest Li Xiaquan moisture, forming a fertile OASIS, which attract group after group of people to live and work in peace and flourish.


According to the old testament of the Bible, Kings records: Jericho once water is notclear, not fat. After the Prophet Elisha heard, asked residents to take out a bowl, filled with salt in it, and then he is going to a bowl full of salt into the well, from now on, Jericho has clear water and fertilizer. Some people feel that if Egypt was given by the Nile, so Jericho is benefiting from the gift of spring. In history, the Palm here isthick, so it is also Palm city said.


About Jericho, according to the Bible, as far back as Joshua succeeded Moses as Israel‘s leader, led the Israel people prior to the capture and destruction of Jericho, Jericho, which has existed for many centuries, and has always been a Megatron Canaan(now Palestinian) cities, many invaders of the East bastion before it, truthless, failed!


The old testament of the Bible, Joshua vividly describes Joshua led the Israel peopletaking Jericho in the process. It contains, Joshua led Israel from Egypt travel journeyto Jordan when the East Bank, set up camp at shittim. They lifted up their eyes and looked, saw vast palm groves across the River, stands a Fort and Tower of Jericho, awe-inspiring and inviolable. Joshua see Jericho impenetrable, dare not rashly invade.In order to find out the Jericho troops and military installations, he sent two Israel soldiers, disguised themselves as Canaanites, infiltrates the city gather intelligence about the enemy. Complete the task this evening when the two spies back to camp, and found the gates closed, their accommodations at a hotel near the city walls. Thatthe mistress of the Inn was a prostitute named Rahab and her cute, identified the two people are Israel spies. Still, she is the warm reception the two uninvited guests. But unfortunately, two of Israel‘s whereabouts by one of Jericho were spies saw, he immediately reports the King of Jericho, Jericho, after hearing the report, immediately sent troops to arrest people. Hid the two spies, Rahab the prostitute in the stalks of the roof, cover up, escaped the RAID. Sincerely thank the two spies Rahab‘s saving,and swore, after the fall of Jericho, guarantee the life of Rahab and his parents, brother and sister. Rahab‘s House next to the wall, Rahab helping the spies down a ropedown the wall, and escaped from the city of Jericho.


Safely back to camp after two spies, reporting to Joshua the understanding of the situation. That night, Joshua led all Israel soldiers and civilians, the Lord God God by foot is not cloudy and wet through the waves of the Jordan River, almost under Jericho, Jericho surrounded it.


Joshua‘s siege tactics novelty. Every day Israel people out of the camp, outside the range of bows and arrows, stone ejection, around Jericho to walk around and do that6 days in a row. Trapped in the city who climbed the walls of Jericho, horrified to watch Israel‘s March, due to the puzzling mystery, with growing fear, fear disaster. Since the city of Jericho has been completed, no invaders so mysterious.

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On the 7th day, Joshua decided to mount an attack on Jericho. The morning, he stillled the army camp, but this time Israel people around the city by 7 times, 6 day 6 laps before them, without so much as a whimper. But when its 7th circle, suddenly theHorn rings, Israel people hear the trumpets, shout in unison, shake the Earth, a shout, walls then collapse, Israel people piled on, into the city, see people killed. Except Rahab the prostitute outside a home, every man, woman, and child, including livestock, and kill some more. Finally, Israel people looted gold and silver properties in the city and set fire to houses and other buildings, mighty Jericho into ashes.
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On the desolate plateau of “Gallery”

Sub is not depicted as described by Herodotus, the desolate wasteland since ancient times. Archaeology and geology studies provide sufficient evidence, the Sahara was once a lush fertile land, wide range of amphibious animals, elephants, hippos, fish,mollusks, such as the bison, Buffalo and, later, there kinds. Bison, believed to be theancestor of all cattle breeds in Europe. A race called Nigro to live there, they made a living by hunting and animal husbandry.
Before thousands of or tens of thousands of years of human history, the Sahara already there is evidence of human habitation of the most obvious, is the ancient pictures painted on caves and rock, this sub everywhere, particularly in most of the enazheer plateau. Prehistoric rock paintings found in the Sahara desert, more than foundanywhere in the world; now we know these pictures Nigro of the earliest works of art.
Paintings of the Sahara in Algeria within Acer in the middle of the Sahara desert towers in the West of the plateau stage, also known as Tower murals in the West. Here there is a mountain named taxili, 800 km, an average elevation of 1 more than 000 square meter, peak of 2 335 meters. Years of exposure makes this mountain range like the surface of the moon as chill blows, barren, lonely. In the ancient days, where there was abundant water, lush forests and vast pastures. Tower West in, in indigenous of Tuareg people language in the mean is “has River of platform”, however is long time yilai, here already is river dry, uninhabited, empty left river erosion and into of countless Valley and a seat seat disorganized stands with of Sawtooth-like small mountain, and huge of mushroom-like pillars, seems to in to world silent to talk here had occurred of all, and painting is became they talk of only way.
Early 20th century France colonial army, Kohl and Egypt captain and several officerssuch as Lieutenant Brennan, Algeria 500 km south of Algiers during an inspection inan area not yet conquered, accidentally discovered the unknown murals, they are very curious. According to Brennan, worm: in 1933, when I was leading a camel teamsScouting taxiligaoyuan repeatedly found several art gallery , Oh, exhibits so many!Hunter, Coachman, elephants, cattle, as well as religious rituals and scenes of familylife. I was deeply touched by these pictures, so I spent a lot of time sketching to copy these works of art.
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When Brennan, the sketch show France archaeologists and geographers to watch when they are very excited. As it will no doubt prove that Sahara desert is not as deserted as people imagine, there have been water, pasture, the multiplication of the human, or the mural as an explanation to it?
Among those who saw Brennan sketch drawing, famous Explorer hengli·luote. He isan orphan, living alone at the age of 14, have nobody to rely on training at an early age his indomitable character and indomitable fighting spirit, and later he became an air force pilot. At the age of 19, sincetime accident one of his ears are deaf, ended his flying career. However, he has not lost hope for life, a chance so that he fell in love with the vast expanse of the desert. He passed through in the desert, walking more than 30,000 kilometers, accumulated a wealth of experience in the desert, he visits the desert as their lifelong career.
He took 1.5 years to visit the area in the West of the Tower, and scattered in the vicinity of the area made friends of the Tuareg. The indigenous peoples are still scattered in the River on dry land, the men cast a veil, women are not covered, live a flamboyant life. In some of the tens of thousands of years ago is washed with water from the cave, he found a number of well-preserved frescoes, he was overwhelmed with wonder and joy. Many of these murals record the prehistoric era of interesting things:naked Hunter in archery, roundheaded Warrior throw Spears, calm shepherds waistaprons, wearing a Egypt-style headband, holding a Clarion in cattle, there are amazing canoe. Also painted on the walls there are many animals, some have already disappeared from the Earth; also like rhinos, hippos, ostriches, giraffes, and has alreadydisappeared on the ground.
Faced with these brilliant masterpieces created by prehistoric humans, Lott excitement was beyond words, he is determined to put the art in original size and color copies. But just on the individual is in any case impossible, so he determined to organizean expedition to the West of the tower to complete this task. But a fledgling young man, don’t even have a high school diploma, who will respond to his call? He worked at the University of Paris, and finally received his doctor‘s degree. When World War II broke out, Lott spinal injury, bedridden for as long as 10 years, copying works ofart in the West of the Tower plan had to be shelved.
In 1955, Charlotte returned to fitness, he was running around to get France some of the support and funding of research institutions and Government departments, hasassembled a team of 4 artists, 1 photographer and 1 understand the Berber language team composed of young girls. They carry a wide variety necessities, starting in February 1956, first flew to Algeria Janets city, and from there to the North, and camels walking 8 days, to arrive at the destination. Worked all the way, tasting the hardships.
Taxili natural environment is very bad, the disparity between day and night, air drying, often during the day winds, sand fly, it was unbearable. Taxili rock paintings scattered across walls projecting parts bent and hanging rocks, some paintings turned Horn, skip the cracks. The pictures in order to copy down the exact text, expedition endured the bitter cold and scorching heat, lack of water and the lonely, isolated in the desert, often kneeling or lying down for a few hours or even a few day jobs.
In November 1956, cold weather, expedition exhausting, work came to an end. In 1957, Charlotte and recruit some high enthusiasm of young people back to work. Finally, he copied the 1 500 square meters of murals brought back to Paris, which is by far the greatest of prehistoric art discovered by copying the manuscripts, then these prehistoric art are on display at the Louvre Museum, the visitors stunned and at the same time prehistoric man can create such beautiful works of art was incredible.
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Sub why death? Once a place of rich fertile soil, and now changed beyond recognition, leaving only an inhospitable desert, what is the reason? Scientists now believe that the answer lies in the monsoon in the history of the changes. Monsoon rains from Western Africa and central to bring water to the Sahara. Late prehistoric culture in sub prosperity, due to monsoon rains stretchingwe straight to the North a distance from the area‘s Lakes and streams into the marshes can prove it. Around 10000 BC, the area started to become more humid. From 7000 BC to 2000 BC, most of the time, the region becomes more moist. 3500 BC around Lake area extended to the maximum. But, for some reason, sub monsoon rains suddenly decreased rainfall and evaporation is eventually reversed without a save. Falling rain quickly dried by the Sun,the water cannot accumulate.
Although 750 BC and 500 ad and has had a few more brief periods of rainfall, but the Lake was gradually reduced, reply of the Sahara desert were administered. The Valley, Eastern Mediterranean plants decreased, instead of tropical plants, and spreadgradually to the plateau. Future of human self-destruction, feed livestock more andmore, and undermined the growth of plants. This sub is still in existence today. Cutting down trees in the guangshan so that large groups of animals through, burning large areas of forest converted to grazing land. Over a century, plants wither degradation from tropical Savanna into Gan Kuang grasslands, and from Gan Kuang Prairie into the desert, finally leaving only those pictures and handmade products, keeprecords of where people lived a prosperous life.
Sand in the Sahara, is caused by the special nature of their water systems. Sahara topographic maps and aerial photographs have shown that extremely complex system of waterways and rivers formed and eroded Hill. But all the streams and rivers arenot flowing into the sea, but into the inland basins. Is often the case, the water flowto the ocean, the alluvium along the away. However, in the Sahara, alluvial silt into the basin, gradually filling the basin. River grade reduction, water has gradually slowed.
After the water flows slowly and cannot be washed away alluvial, stranded in places of low bottom slope alluvium into the obstacles blocking the flow. Water to find another way out, to spread on both sides, forming a swamp. In the rays of the sun shine, after evaporation of the water, dry the swamps. Prehistoric Saharan stream of river, has dried up. In places such as amaduoluer, tegehasai as well as Tao Dengni, saltbeds can still be seen, is the ancient remains of the inland basins, where the moisture evaporated and left behind a rock salt dissolved in it.
Some very large currents, such as the end of mosuoyiashakali, from the mountainssouth slope flow of the Niger river landscape together. This River is longer than anyother water life. Once upon a time in the many large lakes, now only one of Lake Chad, but before the area had over 200,000 square kilometers, now it has shrunk to 15000 square kilometres. Stream after the river dried up, the ancient alluvial materialsexposed to the Sun, the wind blows from the high to the low alluvial and quartz grains last massive piles up, into the sandy desert and sand dunes. The other hand, when rivers flood gravel left debris and chunks of ancient sandstone eroded down intogravel, thus forming a gravelly desert.
Sahara rock pictures of ancient ruins as well as the outstanding first collected only after the 19th century Europeans into the Sahara desert. First of all, 3 United Kingdom explorers, dikensen·denamu, and Xiu·Ke lapodun and woerte·wudenai across thebarren land, Lake Chad was discovered in 1822. After 4 years, major Scot yalishanda·gedeng·laien, was the first to reach the fabled mubuketu of Europe. He was killed there. In 1828, the French leinai·jiali disguised as Arabs, starting from the mubuketu, isthe first from South to North across the Sahara of the Europeans. He in the scorching sun, stand the dust cyclone, struggling, almost dying of thirst from lack of water on the way, but finally reached Morocco. Gary Mirage play a trick on them also suffer.This phenomenon is always encountered trouble in the desert. That is when layers of air and the warm ground contact extension, illusion caused by light refraction effects. Seeing visions is a typical Gali, a large lake surrounded by lush green trees.
Following Boutros Boutros-Ghali after the feat, the French probe into the Sahara, serve as an increasingly important role. In 1830, France occupied Algiers, followed by aslow marching South. For planned construction of crossing the Sahara railway, established France‘s title to territory, expedition, measuring multiple times; also conquered tribes, had played a few times. And through it all colonization activities, result draws a map of the earliest pieces of Coke. First is Germany drawn scientists, explorersBALS. In 1850, he set off from Tripoli, and didn’t come back until 1855. He had crossed the Fezzan region, enazheergaoyuan, Ahil mountains, and kaaoya, East as far asChad, West as far as mubuketu. He draws a map to sub terrain for the first time withthe right concept, marking out those old olive trees and Cypress Mountain, has dried up Valley and the mountains.
BALS himself may not be aware, own Al and the Fezzan area of stone paintings havelaid the groundwork for Saharawi archaeological research. He found pictures of cows and earlier (1847) in Algeria South of Oren called match Ott and found two smalloasis of mojiatahatanniya stone picture is very similar. BALS estimates must have lived nomadic peoples in the area. He also noted that the stone completely missing the camel, so think the camel is only at a late stage in the presence of the Saharan. This statement has been proven to be correct. He divides history into a camel in the Sahara and the camel period, later research work in this staging method.
Explore the mysterious history of the further work of the Sahara desert, is one of early 20th century France Faramand, a geologist on the Algeria cave South of Oren stone made comparisons, had concluded that there had been times respectively beforethe era of camels and camel, as inferred in BALS. However, he further studied, according to various technical characteristics to be compared, for example, the line how to use, is a collapse or a sleek, color tone, character costume weapon design detailsare studied one by one. He also noted that the painting‘s oldest wild water buffalo,Buffalo no longer visible in the stone in the late.
This unique species of animals, France scientists monopril Arnett stone inscriptions in the study of the mountain are not seen. But in these pictures to see a large number of domesticated cattle, led him to believe that there is a cow, later than oral duration of South Buffalo. Monopril think those later stone, is part of a camel, horse pictures also belong to this period. However, later discovered the significance of horses and horse people, so in the history of the Sahara cattle and camels between into a horse. This according to the stages of Zoology, animals gradually replaced wild animals like Buffalo‘s priorities for the Foundation. Now everyone thinks that the camel period began in about 2 000 years agothe camel was originally found in 46 BC in literaturethe camel may be in the beginning only after the weapons spreadeverywhere.
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Hanging gardens-the Babylon forever dream

Hanging gardensthe Babylon forever dream
Babylon was the capital of the Babylonian Empire, located in the banks of the Euphrates River, about 400 miles northwest of the Persian Gulf; also in the Eastern Mediterranean to the East, with more than 600 miles, in what is now Iraq‘s territory. The city is due to the famous Kings Hammurabi (1792 to 1750 BC BC) famously, he had developed his influential codes, code now showcased at the Louvre in Paris. During hisreign in the Babylonian city of destiny, good or bad, but when the NeoBabylonianor Chaldean dynasty dynasty reached its peak. During this period, a series of impressive and memorable ruler, whose names survived in the Mesopotamia culture disappeared. 612 BC the Assyrian dynasty collapsed, the founder of this dynasty nabopalashaer with his alliesthe Medes and Lydia, who is responsible for this, or else the generation most likely to keep control of politics and life. His son Nebuchadnezzar, called aibuzhaderuisa in the book of Daniel was in Mesopotamia, one of the most famous and most credited King, he adopted an aggressive strategy to expand and maintain his power. According to the Bible, he worked in Syria, Palestine and Egypt waged war, and overthrew the King of the Jews, which many Jews moved to Babylon in597 BC was forced to.
Later, he also destroyed the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. In 586 BC, large numbersmoved to the Jews of Babylon. The dynasty of King zedekiah.
At the national level, was a tireless builders of Nebuchadnezzar. He invested a large amount of labor in the production of numerous mudbrick, and under the guidanceof the architects, the mudbrick walls of palaces, temples, gates and ornate, their grand scale, visiting celebrities and ordinary people to rule all clap wow. A feature of these buildings is the most magnificent buildings, using the blue glazed tiles, and some of the bricks are also embedded with the lion, ox and Dragon reliefs, in order toshow the King with spectacular and imposing. Herodotus on the classic narrative description of Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar built the city, have survived these statues isa testament to his magnificent achievements.
Germany luobote·keerdewei at the beginning of this century by archaeologists discovered the remains of Babylon, much of the city has been excavated. In addition to the ruins of the city, historians still has the King of Babylon were written that were leftof the cuneiform evidence. They very much hope that God is able to make their achievements in mind, in order to make future generations a better view and a long written record of their building programmes, they repair and rebuilding process.
Such a building inscription is a feature of this dynasty, for modern scholars, these intermittent sources needs to be sort, and cuneiform text analysis. In addition to this the King outside his record, there is a very valuable book, the topography of Babylonfor our reference, full-text book Board for 5, it perfectly describes the city, listed thecity‘s streets, temples, gates and temples name. This book for those interested in 1000 BC, Babylon, are priceless.
Search for gardens, to make people wonder is here, in all kinds of cuneiformrecords, did not mention the legendary show something of a miracle; in descriptions of Babylonian inscriptions, also did not address the views spectacular garden building. This enable us to make such a bold assumption: If description is credible, that the building must be later, after considerable technical processing. Next, we will thenhave a look there from later writers gather to materials about the hanging gardensof Babylon.
There are 5 people left a description of the hanging gardens, of which the most representative is beiluosuosi. Beiluosuosi was one of Alexander the great during the Babylonian priests, have Chaldean origin, generally believed that he was born after 350BC. In later life, he left to live in Cowes Isle of Babylon, but in about 280 BC, he wrote a valuable book of the Kingdom of Babylon. Part is designed to Greece and the use of cuneiform introduce people to the cultures of Mesopotamia, another part is related to the Assyrian culture, this is an accurate and detailed description of Babylon‘sbook. From beiluosuosi some things left over from his Sumerian and Akkadian cuneiform and other ancient literature is quite familiar with these documents more than1 000 years old, in the important information of study remains in the society for thestudy of the history of Babylon.
The Babylonian Empire by its author to the Seleucid Gu Ershi (281 BC until 260 BC),he was interested in comprehensive understanding of Marduk and the temples of Babylonia and studying the situation. Greece considered other artificial savage people, so this book could not be disseminated widely; now it has been lost. Lucky is thatpostsome authors refer to it, so you save this priceless gift of many things, which isto a large extent with people known from cuneiform text of Mesopotamian historyand traditional match. In this paper, beiluosuosi thanks to the hanging gardens Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon. Later named Josephus in descriptions of Jews, author of history and culture, and beiluosuosi‘s ideas about the same, he twice refers tothis content. Here is his description of Nebuchadnezzar feat:
In one of his palaces, there are hills, there are a variety of trees. In addition, the airPark he built for his wife, his wife is the Medes, used to build air Park in her hometown.
…… In the Palace he built high on a stone platform, carefully decorated with mountain view, plant a variety of trees, built the hanging gardens, because his wife was from end of m, like mountains.
Information not mentioned in the original Nebuchadnezzar‘s wife, but in the historyof the Babylonians and Medes Royal marriages were likely. Beiluosuosi tells us that the Media Princess called amidisi.
4 other authors description contains more description of the process, the followingreferences in the middle of the 1th century BC daideluosi·sikalasi period:
Outside the fortress besieged, there is a hanging garden, the garden was not builtby the Semiramis, but then a Syria to please the King to one of his concubine and specially built. It was said that because she is Persian, longing for grass on his mountain, and asked the King in accordance with Persian unique building a garden scenery. Gardens each side up to 4 pulesilun (ancient Greece unit of length, equal to 101.2feet), due to a ladder-shaped garden sloping, so the garden looks like a theater. Built above a layer of oblique Taiwan Shi, following must has column Gallery, column Gallery will hosted garden of whole weight, and with garden of extends, they will 1.1 points to gradually increased, most above of a root column Gallery up to 50 wrist feet (ancient length units, equivalent to by elbow to in the fingertips of length, usually about for 18 inches or more long some), it straight plug garden of highest surface, and wall, high. In addition, repair walls, took a toll, 22 feet thick walls, and channel is10 feet wide between the two walls. Top of Colonnade shiliang, 16 feet long (including the overlap), 4 feet wide. On the roof, there are three layers, the first layer is mixed with large amounts of bitumen Reed and second two lines of baked brick layers are connected by the cement; the third layer is the top layer, so that the moisture in the soil will be impossible to penetrate. In all things, to accumulate sufficient depth of soil to guarantee buried tree root; after when the ground is flat, can be used to plant a variety of tree or other characteristic, in order for visitors to enjoy. Veranda in architecture than a highlight, so sunny, inside cover has many servants of the housingon the veranda, there is a path to the top of the channel, and the machine to waterthe garden. Machine garden supply large amounts of water from the River, but people outside who will not see.
Scholars believe that Dai Deluo accounts above may infer something that was missing in the history of Alexander, author of the book called the keleitachasi, the yalishandaren, lived in the late 4th century BC, born when Alexander defeated Darius ruledPersia. Even if he did not go to the city of Babylon, Alexandria, but also from those in service to Babylon city and soldiers there learn something. Further information was from a man named gaitesi Greece doctors, he was a prisoner of war, in around 400BC in the Persian Court as healer. Below is a description of the same original data, taken from Pamela Lyndon Travers wrote the history of Alexander:
Is at the top of the castle gardens, a Greece poets of old topics. Them with high walls, numerous tall trees forming a large areas of greenery; the circumference of the tree up to 12 feet, 50 feet tall (which is not included in the length of the soil, they alsocould go down constantly). Support these are 20 wall, their interval of only 10 feet,wall is covered with stone pillars, paved quadrangle, strong enough to withstand the huge range of soil and irrigation water. If seen from a distance, they grow like trees in a forest on the mountain, swaying in the wind. With the passage of time, before you know it, not only would they be subject to artificial damage, and damage fromnature itself, but, although the roots are constantly strengthening, constantly thickening of the trunk increased, this structure is still intact. Legend, the garden was a King of Assyria who ruled in Babylon, built to meet the requirements of the Queen, theQueen loved forest landscapes, and modelled on the natural beauty and persuadedher husband to build a stately garden.
Sitebo, on this subject, he believes that this has been the missing bookthe book iswritten by wansikeruitesi in the reign of Alexander wrote. It is so described:
Babylon is located in a plain, the circumference of its walls is 385 stadia, 32 feet thick wall, between the two towers with a height of 50 cubits, the Tower 60 cubits high.Above the wall, driving 4 horses of carriage to side-by-side easily passed. Hanging garden for four-sided shape, side length 4 KeplerLUN, it consists of a series ofvaults, and its ground and criss-cross, a cube-shaped. Foundation of the criss-crossing, inside hollowed out, but which can be covered with thick layers of soil to plant large trees, it is made of baked brick and asphaltrefers to the Foundation itself, built of vaults and arches box. In order to be able to reach the highest point of the platform roof, built a staircase stairs spiral, which kept water from the Euphrates River tothe gardens. 607-foot-wide channel of this river, flows through the center of thecity, and Garden River.
Finally, look at the Byzantine fihlen views, in about 250 BC he was famous, he‘s seven wonders of the world is the our habits are the most common. The famous gardens of Babylon, he is so described:
The hanging gardens of so called is because plants grown in high above the ground in the garden of a certain height, meaning that they are not to be buried in the land of his, it lies on a high platform, that is the technical features of the structure of the hanging gardens. This structure, its entire weight supported by stone pillars, stone last beam, which is very small. Beam is actually a Palm trunk, this wood, like otherwood does not, when damp or compressed it up; and it can be rhizomes and rootsprovide nutrients to the garden, this is due to the many folds in the trunk, which holds the appropriate nutrients. It is this structure, support is wide and deep in the Earth, which planted those common deciduous trees as well as a wide variety of flowersin the garden in order for visitors to enjoy. Garden cultivated land common ground,but as with land, it can apply to grafting and proliferation. Thus, we can see such a spectacle: a piece of farmland in resting on the head of a pedestrian in the columnsbelow. Even in those with foot closest to the supporting armature above lower andcloser, also remains unperturbed. Part of water straight down from the source, and then rotated by the mechanical powerdriven machines, partflow injection, guaranteed the entire arable land area of wet for a long time. Therefore, the grass is always green, leaf is always so lush. Criss-crossing channels on the ground, the roots (Department) absorbs all the water, so the tree looks lush. The building is purely a Royal luxury works of art, its most striking feature is the farmers hang in the visitor‘s head.
Fihlen is said to be a brilliant engineer, if he was really born in approximately 250BC, he couldn’t even get on the garden accurate secondhand materials, because, after all, where Alexander‘s death in 323 BC, Nebuchadnezzar‘s Palace has a good protective measuresgoldjewelrystores
These are remnants of pagan writers to the main information on gardens, in all of their descriptions, archaeologists agree with beiluosuosi‘s point, that is, is the King Nebuchadnezzar built this garden. In the study of Babylonian city, mind you, should take into account the other Royal Garden starting from ancient Mesopotamia, because there is sufficient evidence, previous Kings had as a proud and devoted a great deal of effort to them.
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Netherlands who discovered the “navel of the world”

Netherlands who discovered the navel of the world
On Easter Island, the ancient and not tell. Today, modern still cannot break away from ancient times. Today‘s inhabitants on the island, but also less notable than the ancient Islanders. The ancient craftsman‘s shadow remains entrenched in this land. People who came to the island, whether intentionally or not, always have to think of those ancient people. Because the island is full of ancient man‘s stamina and energy, an Arcadian vertically. What the hell is this? Why would this be? This is the United Kingdom Ms Katherine Routledge after visit Easter Island in 1914-1915, write down words. Subsequently, the nature and sources of the special culture of the island, has been found, but in many ways, it‘s still an intriguing mystery.
Tiny Easter Island is an island located in the Pacific Ocean at the eastern end of thePolynesian Islands, oceans apart, away from the other islands. Easter Island in the Pitcairn Islands (the island is United Kingdom bounty, rebel sailors haven) 2 more than 000 square kilometres east of East of Chile 3 more than 000 square km off the coast. In 1888, which Chile belongs. Triangular Easter Island, Rano Raraku, lanuoalu 3 and lanuokaao volcanoes, crouches on the 3 corners of the triangle. Numerous small volcanoes on the island, dotted with. Volcano full of weeds, scattered and dispersedon the lava rock. Has long dense vegetation on the island, there are a lot of trees, are still traceable; but now flora and fauna are very rare. Crater Lake Wick grass, but very few trees on the island, no longer flowing streams. Along the island without lagoon. Not specific to the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean on the island is calm atmosphere of lethargy. This is because it is located in the Southtemperate North, with four distinct seasons, mild climate. Average temperature of about 22 degrees Fahrenheit, and average annual rainfall is approximately 1 300 mm. Ancient Easter Islandresidents as the navel of the world. The name for such a remote party, legendary island, is appropriate. Island surf waves, steep cliffs, towering volcanic mountains and slopes open from the wind. However, the most salient feature of the island, but also a few famous statue.
Those into one enormous stone statues called moaishi, is made of volcanic stonewith light yellow, both solemn and puzzling. Their large heads, looking proud and imposing. Ears are long and strange, protruding chin stronger, his arms stiff down without the foot next to the body, his hands stayed in place on the swollen belly. So far, this statue has been found about 1 000, many of them weighing up to 20 tons, 12-15 feet high. Carving and statues on the altar was placed in the outdoor, the largest is 32 feet high, 90ton. Carved in stone not ended, statue of the largest stone statue more than this 1 time, have been found before.
Massive of these figures is not stare, but more people scratching their heads is: how could such a place there is such a thing? These Giants stand in the only 117 sq km on the island of Lilliput are doing it? Carving chisel them then how? How do these figures come from quarries and then onto the stone of the altar? Handling timber andstone used to where? The most important thing is why there are so many stone? Stone why so great? Such a huge stone statue, what is the use?
The first Europeans who came to the island, is the Netherlands Explorer yakebu·luojiawen, he did not intend to answer these questions. In 1722, he saw the island on Easter day and Easter Island, as a souvenir.
In the Eastern Pacific Ocean waves waves tossed, is a dull and full of hardships of the voyage. Even on calm days, the Sun and the wind does not bring much joy to people, after all, the marine life is lonely, only occasionally leaping out of the ocean‘s fish, or one or two birds of the sky, will bring joy to the people. Therefore, we have reasons to believe that, one day in April 1722, Netherlands 3 ships led by Admiral yakebu·luojiawen and crew for months, moving through the ocean, at the time of dusk,when they saw the ocean floats to the shadows on a small island, they aredelighted.
This day is Easter. Easter brings to mind exhausted sailors joy, they also gave the island a memorable nameEaster Island.
They got on the island with excitement, both expected and unexpected things happen. They didn’t expect the desert island is inhabited. Indigenous to the taking of landed property on the island, it can be imagined. Friction is inevitable, unfortunately ending beaches left on the bodies of several indigenous populations, indigenous peoples reeled.
Unpleasant visits, making them reluctant to stay too long on the island. A few hourslater, they were hoisting the sails set sail. Remain in their memory is not at bloody Beach scene, but on the island of the rows of giant stone statue. What do these statues of indigenous peoplesgoldjewelrystores.net
In 1770, Spain navigators visited the Islands.
In 1774, the famous Navigator James Cook, in the garden on the island for a few days.
Since then, European navigators in the 18-19 century, a lot of people visit this smallisland in the Central Pacific. In their journal and memoirs are boulders like that make them difficult to understand.
In an earlier visit of Europeans, a Frenchman named rang·la Cooper, Ruth, he ordersfrom France visiting the Pacific test of the Government. Amanth dodabalapur Ruth immediately after Captain Cook, arrived in Easter Island in 1786, just spent 10 days on the island, he recorded with novelty and customs on the island, as well as those mysterious stone figures.
Middle of the 19th century, to the missionaries on the island of France Catholic priest, in his diary are detailed records of the island‘s customs and those huge stone portrait.
Easter Island‘s giant stone figures were repeated again and again by these visitors to write travel books, stories, memoirs, and diaries, becomes mysterious. Otherwiseit‘s just like other islands in the Pacific, is bland. When the growing popularity of photographic equipment, after television into millions of households, the giant stone figures of Easter Island, then spread around the world, a household name, all ages and known. But who are confused: the indigenous stone figures on the island doing? Experts interested in is, how do these stone processing? Historians are interested inis, what is the stone age finished? Anthropologists are interested in, is this stone should be independent of culture, and of the practical implications? Stone, like a long narrow face, looked sluggish, the shape, indicating that its maker is in accordance with the blueprint for uniform processing. Stone style shown in the fancy style, as seenelsewhere, showing the island‘s works it is not under the influence of foreignculture. However, some scholars have pointed out that their shapes and as far away as Mexico Tina section w of the Mayathe stone portrait of Indian culture on thesite, there are a lot of similarities. Does the ancient Mexico cultural influence it? Mexico thousands of kilometers away from Easter Island, it‘s almost impossible.
Impossible miracle is also reflected in other areas: this stone, like small, weighing about 2.5 tons, weighed more than 50 tons, some wearing stone cap from the stone, stone caps and it is a heavier guy. Exactly how they were dug out by producers from a quarry? How they manufacture? What approach was adopted, they will be transported to distant places where, to firmly stand up? Former Islanders have mastered forcenturies iron, how incredible it all!
So here there is a very serious questionwho is the stone portrait of producers on the island? Indigenous peoples do? Apparently it‘s not very likely.
In 18th century, explorers found on Easter Island‘s population scattered nowadays(estimated 3 000-4 000 people). Declining after years of civil war the island master Ding, demoralized. This nation has a high cultural, but also only in the cultural remnants of the past, lived a life of nearanarchy. Cannibalism is common, it is probably early due to overpopulation and food shortage. War is often on the island; most of thegiant stone statues on the altar of stones were deliberately pushed over, even the altar was demolished. 18th century Explorer may still be seen a few erect statues, butthe middle of the 19th century, all of the statues were torn down.
After these explorers and 19th century slave traders also followed, Easter Island hassuffered. 1805 from new London, Connecticut, United States sailing Nancy, and sold as slaves to the Islanders captured 22. Looting occurred during 1859-1862, Peru culmination of series of slave raids. In December 1862, a major plundering, Peru whohave rounded up around 1 000 Islanders, taking them to Peru‘s outlying islands to dig to take bird droppings as fertilizer. Many important local figures also went into exile, their special knowledge and skills have been lost along with them. Later, in protest of the international community, Peru had to survive on more than 100 people to the island, but bad on board environmental and disease took the lives of many people, only 15 people alive back to the island. As they came back but also in infectious disease smallpox, smallpox raged on the island soon, more rare on the island.
By 1877, the inhabitants of Easter Island left 111 people, their life is very poor. Old glory has become a Dim memory. Shortly thereafter, the missionary and Chile when the settlers arrived on the island, have seen only a dilapidated ruin. History of the past has become the mystery could not be opened.
From this unhappy time, Europeans began to dwell on the mystery of Easter Island,coming up with a lot of strange doctrines, also had extensive and arduous researchwork. One of the most famous American Thomson (1886), English Routledge (1914-1915), French voice, Belgium people hengli·lahuasheli (1934-1935), Germany missionary Englert (1935-1939), Norway who Heyerdahl (1955-1956), and only recently engaged in the study of the ancient civilization on the island of the United States weilian·muluoyi, an anthropologist at the University of Wyoming.
Due to these professionals and others who are committed to research on finishing,and found many precious antiquities from the island, and classification. Several moaishi most interesting on the island like replay in the outdoor altar.
Although also found in other Polynesian Islands towering stone figures, but moaishilike Easter Island, is still the largest, the largest number. Moaishi like that particular style is unique. The eastern part of the island there is a small volcano called Rano Raraku. Stone is largely this fine-grained volcanic slopes of volcanic stone. Rano Rarakuwhere indeed uncommon, mountain stone on a total of about 300, from the roughoutline and near complete, like a fascinating Museum, exhibit sculptor‘s unique styleand make the island a very systematic techniques. Ground stone chisel stone axes, spread, apparently lost in the rush to leave. It can be seen that the broad Piazza is hasty to give up because of some unexpected events.
In and around the place on the slopes of Rano Raraku, stood nearly 100 statues carved out of the moaishi as from the partially buried in the Earth; perhaps some stoneburied in the rubble. This group of moaishi upright like a particularly notable, and may be the end of the Easter Island carving masterpiece. Some of them, like earlier the statues on the altar erected on the same body engraved with symbols similar to the tattoo that is difficult to understand, but Redstone cylinder are worn on the head top knot. Some vertical moaishi like, wear this top knot on his head. This stone is often called blind Goliath, because has not carved out of the orbit. May be carried to the altar after moaishi, and carved eyes, stone statues of the visible stuff.
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One of the early 20th century excavations

One of the early 20th century excavations
In 1902, the American xiaoduoer·daiweisi got Egypt Government approval, in the Valley of the Kings archaeological excavations. He digs up to 12 consecutive winter there. Davis found very valuable tombs, such as tuomisisishi, xiputahe and the tomb ofHuo Lun Hai and others. He also found the famous Pagan Kings tombs of amenghuotepusishi, amenghuotepusishi was promoted thanks to teach, to replace Egypt‘s traditional religion, and was thus named the swallow aihena. Amenhetep mingchuihoushi two things: first, he praised his saying: like the Sun God; is his wife nafeier the way beautiful and colorful bust, this is Egypt one of the most famous sculptures.
The first year of the first world war, Lord Davies Cana excavation rights to the Honourable Frederick FUNG and Howard Carter, since then began the Egypt discoveringone of the most important stages in the history of archaeology. Lord von‘s sister later Khanna said in the biography written for brother, the excavation work like Aladdin‘s magic lamp began, Greece naimixisi family history ended.
Discovery of Tut’s tomb is the archaeological work in the pinnacle of success, but also a major turning point in the history of archaeological. From wenkeerman onwards,many taxonomists, scientists and experts have been determined for archaeological First archaeological Giants was Champollion, geluotefende and Richard Rawlinson. Extending the archaeologists have made a significant contribution to research in Egypt of Mariette, a, Loi Lepsius and Petrie, study Botha and Lei Yade in Mesopotamia, and the Yucatan Peninsula of Stephens and Thompson. Later Schliemann excavated Troy, Evans excavated Knossos, Wooley and Robert koldewey excavatedBabylon and home of Abraham your, which is the climax of the archaeological activity successful. A famous amateur archaeologist Schliemann is one of the last. WhenCana von Lord Carter began active, has a large number of experts at Knossos, Babylon, and other sites for research for a long time. Governments in many countries throughout the world, the King, the chaebol, financially strong universities and archaeological authorities, as well as many wealthy private archaeologist, archaeological teams have been deployed to bring excellent research equipment to the seat of the ancient culture. But all of this research work is scattered, sporadic, all of which are, andthe discovery of Tut’s tomb is a result of this comprehensive. It was a triumph of thescientific method.
Lei Yade had been stymied by superstitious ignorance, Evans‘s difficulties stem frombureaucratic jealousy and Cana von and Carter in Egypt under the full support of the Government to completely avoid these distractions. When Richard Rawlinson has been insult Schliemann tasted hardship, are due to the envy of peers; none now exist, some international cooperation and enthusiastic support of the scientific community. This archaeological stage came to an end. Howard Carter is Petrie‘s students, of course, impossible to completely break away from the traditional. Under his influence, however, Egypt ended the old rambling way, blind, adventure activitieswork, truly progressive cultural research activities under the strict methodology.(Article source www.goldjewelrystores.net
However, because Carter is not only always passionate, and mind the overall situation, to make rigorous scientific method to fully play its role. Are his courage, pluck, patience is responsible on one hand work, and finally become the outstanding figuresin the history of archaeology. Excellent scholars dedicated to unlock cultural mysteries, Carter is such a person.
Lord kanafeng is the only United Kingdom can produce characters, he is fond of sports and collect artifacts, is a gentleman and travel around the world travel, action is arealist, but with romantic sentiment. During his 31 College of Cambridge, dorm room wainscoting was painted out of shape, it at their own expense to repair and restore it. From his youth he often takes part in the race, acquired a good marksmanshipand is famous for its Yachting. At the age of 23 he had inherited a rich legacy, thencruise around the world. His car is the United Kingdom national third licensed cars,and he was particularly likes to drive fast. Then the fast hobby gave him a decisive turning point in the lives. Around 1900 he galloped overturned on the road, was seriously injured, from the fall of breathing difficulties, in the United Kingdom for winter. In 1903, he first went to Egypt to find pleasant places. To Egypt after he visited several excavations of the archaeological team. Immediately when he found thearchaeological is a heritage he collected hobbies and combining the love of sportsactivities. In 1906, he embarked on their own work. The winter of the same year, he found that his lack of knowledge in this area, go to ask Professor masipiluo. Masipiluo featured young archaeology of Howard Carter as his assistant.
The cooperation of two people very well, Qana by Lord von lack of knowledge can be replenished from Carter. Carter was a profound scholar and later as Cana von‘s Director of archaeological finds. Before that, Carter has worked with Davis and Petrie. He attached great importance to speak on just grounds, so some people have criticized his work, saying he is too pedantic. He does things is there is a way. He is bold and sometimes reckless. Took place in 1916 one thing reflects his personality.
Carter in Luxor a short vacation that year, one day, leading figure in the village cameto him, looking very anxious, specifically to ask for his help. Even though places likeLuxor also suffer the effects of world war I, a significant reduction in the number ofgovernment agencies and police and abodeaierlasuer were descendants of a class of criminals began robbing activities.
Egypt Tomb Raiders of a unit in the South-western slopes of beyond the Valley of the Kings have discovered a number of Antiquities. After gang learned that another unit, was forced to intervene by force, and to share the results. What happened nextwas like a movie.
Two thieves after the fights, first defeated, was forced to withdraw from the scene, but bloody fight could still happen. Carter decided to intervene.
It was late that day, he later wrote, I quickly found some workers, they are evading military service. We are going to need something, set out to the site. We climb upto 1 800 feet Ke Erna peak, arrived on the scene it was midnight. Upon arrival, the wizard showed me a straight down the cliff and hanging ropes, you can hear someone here really activities. I first cut off the rope, and cut off their retreat, and then tookus to a stout rope tied, I follow this rope down to ya di. I think night climb the ropedown to a group of grave robbers to stout, is indeed an interesting game. Total of8, was there, and I came they got very embarrassed. I pointed out that two things that allow them to choose, or along my rope to get out, or stay put and won’t go outbecause they have no rope. Finally they wake up and walk away, and I spent the night over there … … “
Howard Carter and Lord kanafeng set out to make the excavation until the autumnof 1917, their activities are assured of success, yet is often encountered in the archaeological activity happens. A began they selected has Emperor Valley in a small block area prepared for excavations, this block place selected on has, should said is luck good; however excavations engineering immediately by objective factors of hinder–many people on work plans judge, they himself and lack decisive and confidence, more important of is some experts also Bork to mess advice, results is was can success of thing is was postponed even attributed to failed.
Here you can also mention one of the things that has happened before. On April 6, 1748, a Neapolitan named kawaliye·aerkubier archaeological excavation site happens to be right in the middle of Pompeii. Unfortunately, he was anxious at the same time excavating other sites, the results didn’t go dig deep quickly covered up. And over the years he came to realize that, the first is the right place to dig.
Cana von and Carter stood on the hill overlooking the Valley of the Kings. Dozens ofpeople have dug up in there before, but those who did not leave a detailed map oreven a paper sketch to developers as a reference for later. RI are dug out of a heapof rubble everywhere, the whole bottom looks a little like the surface of the moon. Between the stones is the entrance of a tomb, and so it would have been discoveredbefore burial. Now the only way is to systematically explore the full range of. Carterrecommended the area for Ramses II’s Tomb, meimeibotahe tomb and the tomb ofRamses VI, Triangle area between the three points. He said: I am prepared to say, our purpose is clear, is to find King Tut‘s Tomb, but maybe some people will say this is what I looking for excuses.
In exactly 100 years before this, Belzoni excavated Latin America xisiyishi, SETI I, andthe tomb of Lord mentuhaikepeishi. He later wrote: I recently discovered monuments, I am fully certain, barring has been proven, Biban·aierMu Luke had no other tombs in the Valley. Before I leave has tried to find a tomb, but never found. Another study unrelated to the matter and I can prove it after I left, United Kingdom consularSalter lived there for 4 months, he and I are really trying to find a tomb, but by the same token None the wiser. Belzoni leaves 27 years later, in 1844, the famous archaeological team came to the Valley of the Kings of Prussia, carefully measure the areaof the entire Tomb. Team left, Captain Rai Lepsius made a similar comment, think of the monuments have developed them, then find something new. However, the endof 19th century, Villa Margaux opera still found a few tombs, not long after, Davis also have been found at several places. This should seem to think, the Valley of the Kings in the sand grains turned, screen. Egypt Antiquities Director, Lord von masipiluosign Cana development files Frank description of the Valley of the Kings, he considered the grave had been found clean, now go study is a waste of time. As an expert,he certainly could not dig out anything in the Valley of the Kings.
Carter after hearing that many negative statement, we still think that is possible to find Tomb, mausoleum and know who and what is its basis?
He personally observed the xiaoduoer·daiweisi discovery of Antiquities, including a color glazed pottery Cup, cast of Tut’s words above. This pottery mug is from a rock found Davis, Davis found a small Tomb in the same location. Was found in the tombof a broken wooden box, with a goldleaf, also with Tutankhamun‘s name. Davis immediately identified the small stone tomb is the tomb of Tutankhamun, in fact, this is wrong, Carter‘s idea is different, Davis, another major cultural relics are identified correctly confirmed after Carter‘s views. That is something that looks less valuable fragments of pottery and several rolls of linen, in a big bottle, bottle, bottle shoulder casting hieroglyphics. Later research by the Metropolitan Museum of art, believes that these bottles and bottles of what is likely to be the sacrificial lambs in the tomb ofTutankhamun. In addition, the later Davis in the pagan King aihena swallow a fewclay found in the tomb of Tutankhamun‘s seal.
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Native American legend of dubious origin in God

Native American legend of dubious origin in God
This 100 years from 1450-1550 called new age, is worthy of the namethe new land‘s wishes until then for a long time for the discovery of the new world and fulfilled,but finds excitement brought to the Americas, bury the deeds of early seafarers. Now archaeologists continue to explore the evidence to prove that old had been sailing to the new world. May also find out more information.
It has been speculated that Indian ancestors back more than 40,000 years ago, he arrived in America from Asia via the Bering Land Bridge. Bridge later disappeared has, but assumes that only they is in Columbus yiqian arrived America of people, so immediately on will produced a problem: this batch first arrived North America of residents why has been stay in original state, and more South of Mexico people, and youkatanren and the Peru people is has Organization has complex of social, has superb of technology knowledge, than famous of Aztec people and the Inca people of civilization also to early several century does? Only assumes that the Indians had alreadybefore the arrival of Columbus by sea had direct contact with other cultures, these cultures into the Indian culture, but not in North America that same effect, a lot of things only makes sense.
In previous society of the Aztecs and Incas, Zhi legend unfamiliar visitors from afar as God is quite common. In the original in the eyes of the Indians, and skill into the distance are seen as bringing civilization Shen Zhi, which is no doubt. But they do notknow where it comes from God who? Many people have probably. Perhaps the Phoenicians or Norsemen, or even Chinese. Chinese legend, the East China SeaFusang ancient Mexico are very similar.
View Phoenician navigators who were the first to discover America, first give an undeniable facts say, is the best of the ancient Phoenician seafarers. Herodotus tells us that around 600 BC, Egypt Pharaoh neco delegated the tyre was the two valiant sailor sailing around Africa. Phoenicians were the Canaanites Bible said, they are clearly the best candidate, will rise. They are ocean-going merchant and Explorer of ancient,copper, with silver and gold, Cyprus Africa India ivory and Spain key commodities for trading of Tin, iron, lead, established a trade network throughout the far.
Phoenicians received delegates of the Pharaoh, driving down the Red Sea. Come back after 3 years, claimed to sail round the both (Africa), the Sun on their right. Herodotus said with scorn: some may believe that, but I don’t believe it. Is this sentence makes scholars believe that Phoenicians did sail round Africa, because that is what they have to the South crossed the Tropic of evidence. Where the sun goes to cross the northern sky, located in the West right of the vessel.
The Phoenicians of Carthage also has a 3tier paddle warships sailing in the Atlantic,and from the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands Sea area, who may have beenas far as the Azores, because when someone claims to have found in the Azores, a group of 18th century Carthaginian coins.
It is said that Nico‘s expedition was one of the first Europeans in South America coast, reportedly 1872 also cited Brazil a farm found a piece of stone carved with unknown text as evidence. This facsimile was sent to ladisilao·neituo, the Director of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro and identification of. He inferred as Phoenicia andtranslated. Many European scholars scoff at, but in 1968 the United States support sailesi·gedeng Neto at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, that unknown to 19th century scholars of ancient Carthage, textual nuance, sufficient proof of the lettering.
Translation is as follows: we‘re the Canaanites, from the capital cities. We came to this distant mountains on the coast for trade. We at xilanwang 18, gave a young noble men and women of God. We set sail from the port of EzionGeber entered the Red Sea, a total of 10 ships. Deviation belongs to us (the legendary son of Noah) land(Africa), which lasted 2 years, but caught in a storm, and separated from the others.We‘ve got 12 men and 3 women, came to the new coast, led by my captain. I wishmen and women God bless us!
In the text above, distant shore can also be translated as iron island. Near wherethe stone is said to be found, Brazil‘s Minas Gerais State, rich in iron ore, it is probably not pure coincidence. Also worth noting is that etymology even though most believe that Brazil (Brazil) the origin out of local wood, the wood can be made bright red paint, glow like a Brazier of coal, but the ancient Semitic Word for iron is brzl, with Brazil a homonym.
The missing stone is enough to prove that the Phoenicians in BC has been to SouthAmerica? I’m afraid I can’t. Authorities Morrison points out that the history of America, and stones with inscriptions of the original source could not be traced, so that the whole story is obviously fictional. Moreover, Harvard University, another expert cross inscription also denied on purely linguistic grounds, pointed out that with just a few different times of Phoenician writings carved to hash.
Another allegedly confirms that the Phoenicians to the Antiquities of America, 1658in the carved stone found in Bonn, in Massachusetts, the inscription translates is theDeclaration of annexation of territory: Hanoi‘s occupation of this place. Is probably the Carthaginian Hanno. In 425 BC he set sail along the West coast of Africa to theSouth, looking for gold. Yale University historian Rob